It seems like every time the holidays roll around I find myself asking, “What should I buy for my kid’s teacher this year?” If you are like me and almost break out in hives trying to think up the most festive and fun gift than you might find this post helpful. I have created a list of the best DIY teacher gifts for the holidays.

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I spent some time thinking if I was a teacher what would I want for the holidays? Would I want candy, an item to display in my room, etc? That is when I decided to create a list of items I would love if I was a teacher. Also, let me just add teachers don’t expect gifts, it is just a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for the time and hard work they put into your child’s education!

The Best DIY Teacher Gifts for The Holidays

Candle Tin by Hearth & Vine

If you enjoy making candles, this Bayberry Candle comes with a printable that tells the recipient that when you burn the candle all the way to the end, it will bring health and wealth into your home. (Hearth & Vine)

Candles always make a fun gift. Create this Rudulph Candle with this adorable printable to complete the gift. I love the idea of transforming a candle into Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. (Totally the Bomb)

I love this  Pencil Vase, it is an affordable gift and could be something the teacher could display in her room all year round. (It All Started with Paint)

Choconut Cookies in a Jar by Thrifty Jinxy

Here is a sweet cookie mix you might want to make. Choconut Cookie Mix is a sweet gift to give. A homemade cookie mix is always one of the more popular DIY teacher gifts for the holidays. (Thrifty Jinxy)

Warm your teacher up this holiday season like she warms your heart. Create this adorable DIY Hot Chocolate Snowman to give to that special teacher. (Living Well Mom)

These adorable Snowman Candy Bars really dress up any candy bar. Let your kids help create the snowman to make it extra special. (The Gracious Wife)

Genius DIY Teacher Gifts

Easy Teacher Gifts by My Mommy World

This Easy Last Minute Teacher gift is perfect to make to let your teacher know you care. Find some pretty paper and make this notepad display holder for their desk. (My Mommy World)

Give a luxurious spa day inspired gift. This DIY Mint Bath Salt will help soothe and relax your teacher after a long school day. It smells amazing too! (Everyday Savvy)

Quick and easy DIY gift idea - make a vanilla peppermint candy cane striped sugar scrub with sugar, coconut oil and essential oils

Being a teacher is exhausting. Make this Vanilla Peppermint Sugar Scrub so that they can go home and relax and get rejuvenated over the holiday break.

Treat your teacher to this Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Jar! Use a clear mason jar and layer in the ingredients for the cookies, print off the recipe, and attach with pretty ribbon. (Thrifty Jinxy)




Journal DIY Teacher Gift by Hay Hay Life

How about a DIY journal, that’s actually super simple!

This 3 Ingredient Peppermint Lip Balm is another fun gift. Let your kids help make this lip balm and hand out to their special teacher. No one likes dry chapped lips! (Living Well Mom)

If you still want more ideas, check out 18 Easy DIY Gift Ideas- No Martha Skill required!

What are your favorite DIY teacher gifts for the holidays?

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