I’m sure you’ve all seen the article 25 Hilariously Unfortunate Things Moms Have Done While Sleep-Deprived make its way around Facebook. The comments that followed from everyday people made us all feel a little more normal as we deal with the reality of exhaustion from parenting.

15 Times Exhaustion from Parenting Left Us Rolling

15 Times Exhaustion from Parenting Left Us Rolling

“I have panicked, not able to see the baby…to be told a second later that he was in my arm” – Erin

“I sometimes have plans to go to a certain grocery store, then somehow end up getting out of my car ,getting the kids out, walk into the store only to realize I drove to the wrong store ? even worse I don’t even know how I got there, the drive was a total blur ???” – Lisa

They were fine.

“I once gave my 9 mo old a teaspoon of baby shampoo instead of her medicine. I thought I poisoned her and called a friend who was a nurse. At 3 am. Baby was fine.” – Claire

“After my last baby was born, I once gave my five year old a bowl of dog food with milk in it for breakfast. She told me the cereal tasted funny, so I took a bite. Yep..” – Tamatha

I love the fact that Tamatha took a bite, brave mama!

15 Times Parenting Exhaustion Left Us Rolling - It's Real

In fact, just last week I had a number of parental exhaustion moments.

I decided it would be a great day for some treats from Starbucks, plus I really needed coffee! I order, drive up, grab the Frappuccinos and sweet treats and off I went to conquer the day. But wait…where’s my coffee? Yep, I drove off before I got my own drink. UGH!

Apparently, it’s one of those days where you just don’t feel like adulting. Off to McDonald’s we go. Drinks check, let’s go home! “Mom, we didn’t get our food yet!” DOH!

I said week, right? Fast forward 2 days later, getting the kiddos ready to head to the bookstore. Yay, for trying to be a good mommy! 20 minutes out from home, on the interstate…AHH, I forgot to put on a bra. A BRA! Okay, well Ross first, then the bookstore, as I use my 3-year-old son as a human shield to hide the fact that I am a HOT MESS! On the plus side, though, I finally bought myself a new bra, it’s been ages.

Back to the funny comments though because they keep it real. It reminds so many of us that we are not alone on this journey of parenting and adulting.

“I handed a screaming baby to my husband saying “here, take this.” My husband was like uhhh…don’t you mean take HIM?” And I was like oh…yeah…that’s what I meant. ? TAKE THIS OFF MY HANDS PLEASE.” – Jenika

It’s not just mommies, dads have their own sleep-deprived experiences.

Exhaustion from Parenting Hits Dads and Moms Alike

“This are great! Once when Korra was about 6 months old, in the middle of summer, we let her sleep in just her pajama top and a diaper. She woke up crying in the middle of the night. so I THOUGHT I got up to change her, and then put the pajama bottoms on. She woke up crying again a few minutes later, and this time Emily went to tend to her, she peered in and saw two baby buttcheeks staring back at her. Turns out instead of changing her diaper, I just took it off, and put her back in her crib ……diaperless” – Chris

“Last month I ordered food at a cafe with the kids along. I left with coffee and new (sic) food. Thankfully they chased me into the parking lot.” – Brandon

Brandon, I feel you!

“My husband was once so tired at work that he was standing talking to someone but rocking up and down (as he did when comforting our colicky son) and only realised (sic) when the other person looked at him weirdly.” – Lorna

The Liquid Gold

“I’ve done the “pour the freshly pumped breastmilk down the drain” a few times, even in the middle of the day. It’s the worst!” – Hillary

Don’t worry Hillary, you’re not alone. I remember doing that too and it’s frustrating. All that hard work and down it goes, all that liquid gold.

15 Parenting Exhaustion Moments That Left Us Rolling

Where did I put that?

“I went looking for the new gallon of milk we had. It wasn’t in the fridge. I knew I had just bought milk and used it that day. A day later, I opened the cabinet above the dishwasher, and there sat the milk. Ryan was probably a year old, and I was 4-5 months pregnant with Addie and soooooo tired.” – Lindsey

“So tired all I wanted to do was get inside the house. I put my cars keys on the roof of my car. The next day looking everywhere for them. Thought dam did I lock them in the car. Did I mentioned we lived on a main road and you can see them sitting on the top of the car lucky people were honest!” – Kym

You’re not crazy, it’s parenting!

So, if you find yourself questioning your sanity when you become a parent, just look back at all of these experiences. You’re not crazy, I promise. It’s just called parenting. Our brains get wonky with parental exhaustion and some say it comes back when they become teenagers. I’m inclined to think that it never goes away. But, that just means you’re doing the best you can! So, enjoy these laughable moments, they make parenting far more interesting.

I’ll leave you with this funny:

My son was born 9 weeks early and when he was finally discharged we had to use a monitor to track his breathing and heartbeat. Anytime one of the leads would come off, it would sound this blaring alarm. Needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep during that time. One night I must have been dreaming that I was burping him because my husband caught me holding the stuffed monkey and tapping it’s back in my sleep. Parenting…

No, You're Not Crazy - Parenting is Exhausting

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