Hop into Easter with these super cute, super easy Easter decoration ideas. From simple wreaths and garlands to gorgeous centerpieces to bunny ears to impress your guests for Easter brunch, you’ll love these creative options! And your crafty side will be brought to light as you discover how fun the decorative activities are.

Make your house warm and super cozy with simple make-dos that are budget-friendly. With pomp and color, your Easter table and home get to stand out among the rest of your neighborhood.

17 Easy and Cute Easter Decorating Ideas

Top Easy Easter Decoration Ideas

These ideas are all you need to make your family’s Easter the most memorable occasion. Are you ready? Let’s get right into these easy decorative DIY ideas for the Easter holiday. Want to extend the festivity as spring decorations? Please be our guest!

1. Easter Decorative Egg Garland For Your Front

Make this beautiful Easter egg garland. All you need is sized plastic eggs to give the garland a layered look and ribbons. It’s so bright and cheery! Tip: You can use egg-shaped balloons and crepe paper too!

The neighbors get the idea of the festive season by seeing this on your front door. Your door gets to be this much beautiful and colorful. This happens to be one of the most DIY Easter decorations I love coz it achieves that spring vibe and it is actually cheap to make.

Here’s another way to make it!

Decorative Multicolor Balloons on the Front Porch Door to Make Egg Garland
DIY Easter Egg Garland from Dina Holland Interiors

2. DIY Decorative Easter Egg Tree

Who said eggs are just for Easter egg hunt? This decorative idea entails hanging Easter Eggs on the branches of a tree. They are mostly placed indoors at the entrance of your home or in the living room.

Easter egg tree uses blown and painted Easter eggs which are then tied on the branches using ribbons. If the blown Easter eggshells are too much then you could use the plastic eggs instead. The kids can help paint the eggs with acrylic paint as a finishing touch. Around the tree, you could place colorful candies and cookies in clear bowls to add to the aesthetics and color.

Easter Egg Tree For Decoration

3. Spring Topiary For Easter Decorations

Yay! Easter and Spring are finally here. How exciting! I wish I had thought of this spring topiary idea the last time we got our son a giant egg. This Easter decoration can replace the usual spring wreath or faux flowers you usually put on the fron porch.

Isn’t that a fun idea for the front porch? Plus it does not need much work but just someplace to stick it on. Enjoy with your families this exciting decorative idea this coming Easter festivity period.

Egg Topiary For Easter Decorations

4. Creative Bunny Wreath For Your Door on Easter

Want spring flowers with a twist? Doesn’t this bunny wreath look cute and elegant at the same time? With locally available supplies at your home store, you could come up with this crafty bunny that is creatively crafted.

You only need garlands, wreath wire hangers, a flexible floral wire, a wire cutter, and a sheer wired ribbon. In a matter of time, you will end up with your door looking lovely. You and the kids will enjoy making the bunny wire wreath form! And for people who have darker doors than the one in the frame, the bunny would really pop against it.

Bunny Breath For Front Door Decoration

5. DIY Paper Mache Egg Wreath Easter Decoration

Checkout this gorgeous fresh from the nest inspiration! Plastic eggs plus old newspaper equals a gorgeous paper mache egg wreath that you’ll want to hang on your door again and again. The entire project needs commitment and some time to come together but it is worth the whole effort. It could be a family project where others do the magazine cutting, dipping them in the glue, and sticking on the plastic eggs while others create the wreath and hot-glue the eggs on it.

The ribbon is then tied to the egg wreath and hanged on the door. Be sure the knot is firm! What an engaging and fun process.

Paper Mache Decorative Easter Egg Sheath

6. Adorable Easter Chick Wreath DIY Décor

Tired of the usual floral foam and napkin rings? Want something a little different than the usual egg décor? Try these cute little pom-pom chicks instead. They look so pretty and the Easter chick wreath offers a huge pop of color. And, well, it’s just so darn adorable! I mean who wouldn’t be stunned by having this on their front door?

The black and white ribbon just matches with the door and doesn’t steal the chick’s attention. Does someone need to surprise me with this for this coming Easter. Anyone?

Sheath Made Out of Chicks

7. Flowery Easter Centerpiece For Your House

For flower lovers, you can simply make a beautiful Easter centerpiece for the table using Peeps, snowdrops, flowers, and candy. It could be as colorful as you wish with natural or artificial flowers. Whichever tickles your fancy.

Candies could also work as an additional embellishment and get you a beautifully crafted flower vase. Are those pebbles I am seeing in the vase? Oh, you can also use colored beads as an alternative. How gorgeous and easy especially when you have guests over for Easter brunch or dinner!

Peeps Centerpiece Easter Decoration

8.  Easter Carrots and Flowers Crafty Ideas

Your table needs to look good for your guests during Easter while hosting people in your home. Well, carrots and flowers are a lovely combination for the decoration. Sunflowers and the crunchy carrots in vases DIY achieve a lovely setup. perfect with your table mantel!

In addition to this you don’t have to worry about ants finding their way into your centerpiece if you want to move them to an outdoor table.

Carrot Centerpiece For Table Set Up

9. Creative Easter Yarn-Wrapped Carrots

Here’s a fabric strands decor I think you haven’t thought of. Still speaking of carrots, these yarn-wrapped carrots are so creative! And placing them in front of some bunny décor or in Easter baskets gets you and yours all set.

The yarn lovers will be pretty enthralled with getting this much creative with what they know best to use. While crafting this I was tempted to call the whole project “Mr. Rabbit.’ Coz why not!

Yarn-Wrapped Carrots

10.  Plastic Spoons Easter Decorating Placeholders

This is just so brilliant come to think of it and it does convey hearty emotions by just looking at the faces drawn. Who would even think that these are plastic spoons at first glance?

You only need to look for paint, spoons, ribbons, and tiny vases to achieve this look. If you’re hosting brunch or dinner at your place, these Easter placeholders will be a fun addition to your table with the names of your guests on them.

Plastic Spoons Placeholder

11. Decorative Easter Glass Containers Idea

Simply fill glass vases, cloches, and containers with raffia and plastic eggs for an easy Easter look. The supplies are readily available in your local stores and quite affordable.

These decorated containers could act as table centerpieces or even be placed along the doorway to create the spring vibe. And you don’t have to mind the various shapes of the glass containers. A super easy idea to try out.

Ester Glass Décor

12.  Cool Table Runner Easter Craft

A pretty burlap bunny table runner will really make your table setting magical. It doesn’t matter whether it is an outdoor or indoor Easter Brunch or dinner. This will perfectly do the honors of a beautifully set table.

The bunny could be painted by hand or printed. But where is the fun if it’s printed rather than been handcrafted all the way?

Burlap Table Runner

13. Fun Bunny Vase For Easter Decorating Ideas

Can you believe this Easter bunny vase used to be a dip jar? What a great way to recycle. This works to remind you folks that your at-home unused stuff can be put to great use in your Easter Decoration ideas.

You might be surprised how you put things together to create a crafty piece for your house. Since I love tulips I would be inclined to using tulips with the vase.

Easter Bunny Vase

14. DIY Wooden Bunnies For Easter Décor

I got such a giggle out of these wooden bunnies. They’re whimsical and fun and will make a great addition to your front porch. They literally bring out the joy within when looked at as they are so cute and you could cuddle them up.

The colors if you find them girly can be changed to your preferred color scheme. This pretty much looks like a girls’ sport and would help a mother and her daughters bond through it.

Here’s another way to do it

Wooden Bunny Blocks For Easter Decorations

15. Mason Jars Easter Decorating Idea

Another super crazy idea for your Easter is to paint some mason jars to decorate your mantle. Stripes, polka dots, chevrons, or even solids in pretty pastel colors work great when combined.

In the jars, you could add some grass-like paper cutouts to make it more crafty. This is so easy you’ll wonder why you have never done it before. Get your entire family together and have fun with paint and colors as you look forward to an amazing end product of your work.

Easter Mason Jars For Decorating Your Home During Easter

16. Easter Deco Mesh Carrots

Carrots again :). I am thrilled. I know you are totally loving these deco mesh carrots. Aren’t they festive? It’s nice to see something other than eggs or bunnies sometimes!

Your door certainly needs such a hanging and something out of the ordinary Easter deco. We can’t wait to see you do this craft and get everyone in the block staring.

Mesh Carrots Deco For Easter Ideas

17. Religious Easter Garden Décor

If you would like to avoid bunnies and eggs for your Easter decorating ideas and opt for more religious décor, an Easter garden is a lovely addition to a table or mantle, and it carries a lot of meaning.

A nice mini pot, grass or pebbles, soil, and cross-like sticks are all you need to come up with such a piece. Voila! You can then peacefully celebrated the resurrection of Christ.

Here’s another version

Crafty Easter Garden For Easter Decorations
Easter Garden from Posed Perfection

I still believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and True Love. Don’t even try to tell me different. – Dolly Parton.

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