Remmeber last month, or maybe the month before, I shared with you how much we love our food storage system. It is terrific. We put leftovers into the bag, stick the bag into the sealer and it vacuum seals all the nutrients and goodness into the bags, keeping out the air and bacteria! This means our food stays fresh when frozen, longer! Love it!

But sometimes we want a quick option. I have just a small quantity that I want to freeze and I am too lazy to get the appliance hooked up. That is when I turn to the WonderClickz Food Storage System. This is a fast, easy and 100% manual way to vacuum seal your food.

I was provided a sample product as part of this sponsored post – but I want you all to know that I loved the set so much I purchased an additional set. It is convenient!

A food storage system that is manual and reusable

Food Storage System Review

Perks of this Manual Freezer Bag System:

  • Easy! From the time you have filled your bag until it is ready for the freezer it takes mere seconds.
  • Reusable! All the parts (excluding the bags) are washable. Wash well and use them again and again!
  • Cheap. While many food savers are well over $100, these are under $30.
  • Food is protected from air and stores longer without spoiling in both the regular fridge as well as in the freezer.

food saver manual

Freezer Storage Review – The Cons:

I really wish that it came with more bags – If you decide to get this you will want to get more food storage bags. This system only comes with four bags. I tested and you can use the system with regular ziplock freezer bags but they are not usually airtight.

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