Are you looking for a guilt-free fun snack? Freeze Grapes. Seriously, this is so simple it’s brilliant!

Wash your grapes. Pop them into the freezer.

grape ice cubes

Personally, we love the red sweet grapes frozen the best. They taste like little bites of icecream when you snack on them!

make grape ice cubes


You could eat thirty grapes and it would still be less in calories than a third cup of ice-cream. Just as sweet and full of Vitamin C and are nutrient dense. So you can know that you are getting the most nutrition for your dessert as possible.

Another perk, you can use the grapes as ice cubes to save your drink from being diluted with regular ice-cubes on a hot summer day. Yumm.

frozen grapes

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  1. I have never had frozen grapes before, but I know people love them. I think my boys would really enjoy these and they would make a great pool day snack!

  2. I never would have thought to make frozen grapes! I bet that it’s so refreshing in the summer, or even when you have a sore throat. Do you think this would work with another fruit? I have fresh cranberries in the freezer…might just have to try it as a snack! LOL!

  3. I’ve only seen people talk about making frozen grapes that have been coated with flavored gelatin powder. I’ll definitely be giving this vegetarian/vegan friendly option a try!

  4. Frozen grapes are a great snack! My kids like to make them in the summer and we take them to the pool during the summer for a snack.

  5. I freeze all sorts of fruit for smoothies, but never thought to freeze grapes before. Thank you for this easy idea!

  6. I can believe I haven’t seen more people freeze grapes before! I love the idea to use them as ice cubes, too. I think I’ll try it the next time I’m craving more flavor but still trying to hit my water intake for the day 🙂