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I love finding things that I can repurpose. Bringing new life to something you would normally consider trash is so fun!

Today’s trash turned treasure is tic tac containers. I’ve been saving a few of these lately because I just knew I could come up with something fun to do with them. Here are 15 fun ideas!

15 Things To Make With Tic Tac Containers

15 Things To Make With Tic Tac Containers

Bobby Pin Container – If you are always hunting for loose bobby pins in your bathroom drawer, just keep them in an empty tic tac box!

Ribbons – Organize your ribbons and make them easy to get to!

Flashlight – Yes, you can make a working flashlight from a tic tac container! This would be a fun science project for kids.

Wire Container – Tons of wires all over the house? Use the tic tac big box to keep them tidy. So smart!

Matchbox – Use a tic tac container for a water resistant matchbox that would be perfect to take with you on a camping trip. Just glue a piece of sandpaper to the back and fill the box up with matches.

Ice Cream Toppings – This cute idea would be great for hosting an ice cream social! Fill empty tic tac boxes with your toppings to perfectly sprinkle them on top!

Lost Tooth – Worried your kid might lose a tooth while they are at school? Send them with this special box to keep the tooth in and keep it safe until they get home.

Spices – Keep your spices in small tic tac containers that fit perfectly into a recipe box!

A game – Use this printable to tape on the outside of your tic tac box and when you’re bored, you and a friend can play tic tac toe!

15 Things To Make With Tic Tac Containers


Halloween – Use orange tic tacs for “jack-o-lantern seeds” red for “vampire vitamins” and white for “ghost poop”. So fun!

Winter – Cover your tic tac boxes with festive paper with the shape of a Christmas tree or snowman cut out.

Snowman Kisses – White tic tacs make the perfect snowman kisses!

Grinch Pills – So cute! Give red tic tacs as a holiday gift with the Grinch Pills label.

New Years Eve – These are so sweet! This printable says, “tic-tocks for the mint-nite kiss”.

Valentine’s Day – Give a sweet gift to someone special using one of these fun free printables that say, “my heart tics for you” or “mint 2b together”.