With spring right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your garden! These Genius Garden DIYs and garden projects will make the outdoors a happier place – and that might just make you happier, too! Planning ahead now will ensure a gorgeous and fruitful garden when warmer days come along.

garden ideas

Adorable Garden DIYs for an Amazing Outdoor Space

Snatch up a yard sale chair, add some bright paint and you’ll have a Chair Herb Planter.

Want to preserve the dinosaur toys your kids have outgrown? Turn them into Dinosaur Planters. Maybe the dinos will scare off garden pests!

Let the kids join the fun and create a DIY Fairy Garden. How cute! And here are more garden critters your kids can create to decorate the space.

These colorful Garden Marker Spoons add a touch of whimsy to any garden plot.

A fun upcycle project is this Birdbath Rock Garden.

DIY Stepping Stones are an easy way to add something unique to your landscaping.

Make Stamped Art Rocks to label your plants and use them year after year.

Keep your plants close at hand with a Container Herb Garden – I like growing mint to put in my summer drinks!

19 Genius Garden DIY Ideas

Garden Ideas

Don’t start off gardening season without some soothing DIY Gardener’s Soap.

Everyone has an old shoe sitting around – use it to make a unique Shoe Planter! It’s garden art at its finest.

Create a raised bed for flowers or produce with something unexpected – a Hay Bale Garden.

Make a Personalized Stepping Stone with glass and marbles for Grandma’s garden!

Save money and conserve resources by watering what you collect with a DIY Rain Barrel.

19 Genius Garden DIYs

This Topsy Turvy Planter is a super cute statement piece for your front porch!

Build a custom Garden Fence for any space that you want to contain.

Vertical Garden that hangs on a wall is an amazing space saver.

The backyard will have plenty of trendy spirit with this Geometric Painted Planter.

Spruce up an indoor planter box with Mini Chalkboard Plant Labels. They’re easy to change out if you decide to plant something new next year!

This DIY Planter Box is perfect for a front porch – welcome your visitors with an array of color.

What will you plant in your garden this year? Will you include any of these genius garden DIYs?

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