If you have a major crush on caffeine, you need these gizmos for the coffee lover! Not only are they useful, but they’re kinda cool and fun as well!

In the morning, I crave caffeine. From the moment that my eyes open, I’m already thinking about my first cup of Saigon OG – Cafely’s signature world-famous coffee blend. And truth be told, to those that know me…I always have a cup of coffee right within reach.

There’s no shame in my coffee game. At all.

Are you a coffee addict like me? Don’t be embarrassed there are a lot of us out there! Instead of hiding what we want, why not embrace it and add some really cool gizmos to our coffee collections? Here are some gizmos for the coffee lover that you don’t want to live without!

These gizmos for the coffee lovers in your life are perfect and easy to find! They'll love that these fun items can be added to their daily coffee calendar! #gizmoscoffeelover #coffee #caffeine #onecrazyhouse

13 Gizmos for the Coffee Lover

These coffee gizmos are so, so cool!

Mug Warmer

If you are a coffee lover but also a parent this is definitely the thing for you. Never drink cold coffee again, and don’t forget your coffee in the microwave for weeks (guilty of that one here!) This warmer will keep your coffee warm when you have to set it down to handle the kids. It is also great for in the office, keep it on your desk when you have to run to a meeting or take a long phone call!

Milk Frother

Get that fancy latte feeling right at home with this milk frother. Grab the milk pitcher below to pair perfectly and make yummy lattes.

Milk Pitcher

Use this with the frother above to make your very own artwork in your coffee! You will feel like you are at the coffee shop for a fraction of the price!

Pour Over Coffee Dripper

If you frequent the coffee shop then you know that this is an expensive trend. Grab a 10$ cup of pour-over coffee, or get your own gizmo to make your own pour over coffee!! Seems easy enough!

Mini Espresso Maker

I have a few friends who are espresso addicts! Did you know you could make your own at home without a huge cumbersome machine? This little thing is amazing!

Cold Brewer

Cold brew is the other trend in coffee that you will pay an arm and a leg for! Make your own coffee quite easily with your own cold brewer!

gizmo for coffee lovers

French Press

We love our french press here at my house. This is a really pretty press and would be perfect for throwing a fancy brunch or just for a quiet breakfast with the family.

French Press Coffee Timer

Keep track of time while you brew your french press with this handy clip-on french press timer.

Collapsible Travel Mug

I am the worst about taking a big coffee mug in the car and then they roll around hitting each other and then they break and ugh… This mug collapses which is perfect so you can rinse it and throw it in your purse until you are ready to use it again!

Gourmet Whip Plus

There is nothing better than fresh whip cream! I LOVE coffee with fresh whip cream! Make your own and you won’t regret it!

Coffee Grinder

Grind your own beans every day to preserve freshness and get a wonderfully fragrant cup of coffee!

gifts for coffee lovers

Silicon Coffee Lids

Make any cup a coffee cup with these reusable lids. Plus it is good for the environment which is always nice right?


This is another great tool for entertaining. Fill it up to keep a whole pot warm while you chat with your friends or take it outside to drink your cup on the porch.

What gizmos do you use for your coffee?

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