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Who says that Halloween costumes are just for people? You know your pet better than anyone, and more than likely, they’d love to dress up and join in on the fun! I have some insanely adorable Halloween pet costumes, you need to consider. While you can hit the aisles and find them a cute costume at the store, why waste your money when you can find something perfect for them just lying around the house? Homemade costumes for people, or pets, are the best! If you are looking for some insanely adorable Halloween costumes for your pet, here are some super simple suggestions to help get you started! Trust in the fact that your pet may steal the show this Halloween with these costumes!Insanely Adorable Halloween Costumes for Pets You Need In Your Life

The whole point of Halloween is to dress up, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be done as an entire themed outfit, right? Look around your house and see what you can find to have your pet wear for their Halloween costume. From fun wigs to silly hats, you can literally make a Halloween costume for your pet out of anything that happens to be lying around.

 Halloween Pet Costumes

You can’t deny the fact that any type of animal dressed up is absolutely adorable. With his Halloween costume ideas, your pet will be ready to “trick or treat” on Halloween right along with you.

Tooth Fairy Pup | Cute Dog Costumes

Simply by adding a pair of wings to your dog, you can give them any type of “fairy” title that you want. Tooth Fairy is always a great option, but there are so many other ones as well!

Princess Kitty | Cat Costume

Doesn’t ever cat deserve to feel like a Princess? All you need is a crown, and a way to keep it in place, and your kitty or cat can be a princess for the night!

Baby Doll Cat | Halloween Cat Costume

Have you ever noticed that baby doll clothes are also the perfect size to fit a cat? Be careful when putting it on, but you can literally dress up your cat in ANY of your doll clothes for an immediate costume that totally rocks.

BatDog | Dog Costume

Tie a cape to their collar and they’re all set. There may not be another costume that is any simpler than this one.

Beanie Baby

We’re all familiar with the popular stuffed Ty Beanie Babies, right? What a super simple costume idea for your pet! All you need to do is literally cut out a red heart, and write the word TY on it. Attach that to its color and your Beanie Baby Halloween costume for your pet is done!

Pirate Kitty | Cute Cat Costume

With the simple addition of one eye patch, your kitty can be transformed into an awesome pirate. And when they rip that eye patch off (because you know they will), move to Plan B to have a fun little parrot bird to carry around with you and your cat on Halloween. They’ll find that interacting with that parrot is a lot more fun than wearing an eye patch anyways!

Mummy Dog | One of the Best Halloween pet ideas

In less than a couple of minutes, you can turn your dog into the super spooky mummy dog by simply wrapping a bit of toilet paper or gauze around its legs or torso. (not tight, be gentle!) Don’t cover the face area or the area that they need to use the restroom! If you cover the backend, you may be using that toilet paper for more than a costume! 

If none of those costumes is a hit with your pet, props and random funny dog costumes always work well, too!funny dog costumes

What costume have you created for your pet to wear this Halloween?