As Halloween rolls around (you know, in mid-August), all kinds of ghosts, witches, and ghouls “come out to play.” Some of it can get pretty grotesque. So here are some simple Halloween DIY decoration ideas and recipe ideas to keep your Halloween parties cute, creative, and not-so-scary!

Spider Candles:

These adorable votive candles won’t scare anyone! Appropriately themed but not gruesome, these could be the centerpieces for a quirky autumn dinner, or just situated around the house to add festive flair all season long!

Pipe Cleaner Spider Pumpkin Votive Candle
Via Good Housekeeping

Easy and Fun Halloween DIY Decorations and Ideas


Terror-free and tasty, this variation on pigs-in-a-blanket is sure to be a hit at a dinner party–especially if there are kids who are picky eaters!  Easy to make, and enjoyable to eat, they will be a success!

Mummies-in-a-Blanket with mustard eyes
Mummies-in-a-Blanket with mustard eyes from This Lovely Home

Glowing Eyes – DIY Glowing Halloween Decoration for the Yard:

If you’re always looking for crafty uses for old toilet paper rolls, here’s one of the greatest Halloween crafts for you. Just cut out interesting shapes, add glowsticks, and hide them in your yard for a spooky, but colorful, effect.

Toilet paper roll cut-outsglowing eyes

DIY Glowing Eyes from Rust and Sunshine

Violators will be Toad – Fun Halloween Sign:

Who doesn’t love a good pun? This sign template is sure to tickle some funny bones! (Oops, was that a second Halloween pun?)

One Hour Broom Parking: Violators will be Toad
Via The 36th Avenue

Peek-A-Boo! – Silly Halloween Toilet Decoration Idea:

If you decorate every room in the house, this is a creative way to add some easy DIY Halloween decorations to your bathroom without having to bring Hitchcock into it. Those eyes are pretty cute.

Peek-a-Boo toilet decoration
Via Parent Map

Chicken Wire Ghost – It Gives Disney Haunted Mansion Vibes:

Just shape chicken wire into ghostly shapes, spray with glow-in-the-dark spray-paint, and set out in your yard for an eerie effect. They don’t move, so they are perfect decorations if you are not a fan of animatronics.

Chicken wire shapes
Chicken Wire Ghosts from Life Cheating

Dripping Candle:

Get rid of those broken crayons, and make the easiest Halloween decoration, ever!

Crayon drippings on white candle
Via Better Housekeeper


Glow-in-the-Dark Dress:

If you’re looking for an interesting Halloween costume, why not make a glow-in-the dark dress? This one has a thin cheesecloth hanging off of it to make it even spookier.

This also works as a ghostly decoration to leave out on a hanger, or dressmakers mannequin!

glow-painted dress
Glow-in-the-Dark Dress from Hannah Lokos

Spider Light Centerpieces – Easy Halloween Decoration:

Let’s contain the spiders, shall we? We don’t want them running all over! These easy spider centerpieces require a mason jar, white lights, plastic spiders, and cotton balls. Add a green glow stick for a peculiar cast of light…

Mason jars with cotton, spiders and lights
Via Lady Behind the Curtain

Cousin Itt Haystack – Iconic Halloween DIY Idea!:

Fans of the Addams family will love this simple decoration. Just put a hat and glasses on a mound of hay and you have Cousin Itt! Gibberish not included.

Cousin Itt Haystack
Via Starshine Chic

Healthy Halloween Snacks:

Banana ghosts and orange pumpkins are incredibly cute and easy to make. Vibrant and fresh, they will be a welcomed addition to the required veggie tray at any party!

This is a simple, healthy snack alternative for a school Halloween party!

Bannana ghosts with chocolate chip eyes and tangerine pumpkins with green stems
Via Weelicious

Frankenstein Monster Cups:

Another easy addition to a Halloween menu! Just draw monster faces on clear cups, add green pudding, top with crushed Oreos (for the hair), and you have Frankenstein’s monster–only yummy!

Green Pudding Frankenstein cups
Via Stop Looking Get Cookin’

Ghost Pumpkins:

Vary up your pumpkin shape by painting other types of gourds and making ghost pumpkins. Add accessories to give them unique personalities beyond the basic black-hole eyes or googly eyes!

This will really make your porch stand out this year!

Ghost Gourds
Via HomeMyDesign

Fanged Pumpkins:

If you live in an apartment, don’t have a lot of space, or just want a whole set of different sized pumpkins, give these little guys a try. Just add fangs from the nearest Dollar Store to your petite pumpkin.

fangs in mini pumpkins
Via Brit + Co

Framed Spider Web in the Front Door:

As the joke goes, finally the cobwebs in your house fit in with the décor! Why not frame a spider web to compliment those cobwebs, before you have to “take them down” in November?!

framed spider web
Via Made Every Day

Glowing Masks – Cool Halloween Wall Art:

These glowing masks would look great in a dark hallway or front porch; just add battery-operated votive candles, and let them hang eerily. If you are throwing a party, add slow ballroom music, reminiscent of a masked ball!

Glowing masks
Via Craftster

Cat Silhouette Doormat:

Hand-paint your own spooky-chic doormat using a stencil, freezer paper, and regular house paint (or even fabric paint for a glossy finish). Party guests will be greeted with a subtle, but sweet, decoration!

grey and black cat doormat
Via April’s Craft Nest

Googly Eye Votives – An Easy Halloween Decoration & Perfect Centerpiece!:

Another variation on a basic votive candle, these cute and plenty googly eye candles are a simple and silly way to add some Halloween spirit. Set them on a serving tray in a cluster, or display across a fireplace mantle.

googly eyes on votive candle holders
DIY Googly Eyes Votives Centerpiece from Real Simple

Outdoor Hanging Light Lanterns:

Ethereal, but eerie, these are great for hanging in a large tree outside your house. Fill balloons with water and little glow sticks, then use stockings or mantel to hold them.

glowing orbs hanging
Outdoor Hanging Lanterns from Fun Holiday Crafts

Googly Eye Wreath:

Use ping pong balls and googly eyes to make a quick and adorable Halloween wreath! This is a relatively inexpensive craft that will greet guests cheerily–instead of creating an atmospheric shadow on the entrance.

eyeball wreath
Via No. 2 Pencil

Mummy Juice Boxes:

Pair these cute mummy drinks with your mummies in a blanket for a groanin’ good time!

Wrap electrical tape around the box, leaving space for the straw. If you catch the googly eyes in the tape you don’t even need to glue the eyes on!

white juice boxes with eyes
Mummy Juicebox from Blue Cricket Design

Glitter Web Mat:

Decorate your table with festive glitter spiderweb mats. Just design your web with glue on wax paper, then cover in glitter. When it’s dry, carefully remove the web, and display it.

glittery spiderweb
Via Redbook

Egg Carton Bats:

Hang some bootiful bats (made of egg cartons covered with black spray paint) on a chandelier or branch centerpiece. Attach festive ribbon, or use invisible thread to make them appear as if they are floating!

black egg carton bats hanging from light
Via iCreativeIdeas

Mike Wazowski Monster Apples:

Another quick, easy, and healthy snack is these monster-inspired apples, using marshmallows and toothpicks.

**Don’t forget to take the toothpick horns out before giving them to children. Even better…use a tiny dollop of icing, and attache candy corn as the horns, and omit the toothpicks all-together, to be safe!

monster apples
Via Mom Endeavors

Monster Door:

If you have any openings (like a window or door) near the front of your house, check out this door monster!

A gloved hand gives out candy from inside the house, while the eye keeps a lookout for new trick-or-treaters. Furry and friendly, this big guy is sure to make an impression.

Eyeball peaking out of door
Via White Lightning HQ

No matter if you are throwing a party for Halloween ,or just like to decorate for any occasion, these Halloween hacks will get you started for a fun-filled holiday season.

What are the top 5 Halloween decorations you are going to make?

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