Memes are perfect bite-size pieces of truth and sarcasm. Although, I have to admit, these epic parenting memes make you realize that you’re not alone. If we can’t laugh at the challenges and chaos of raising a family, we might as well call ourselves “Lord Business!” I’ve actually been accused of that a few times by a fiery little grade schooler.

Epic Parenting Memes and Quotes

Hilariously Epic Parenting Memes and Quotes

Dads…this is why they are the “fun” parent. I’m usually the serious one. Booo!

Wow, I’m actually impressed! I’ve tried to pull ideas from Pinterest, but only completed 2-3.

So true! That includes pee, vomit, and just every kind of mess imaginable and possibly unimaginable.

Pretty much sums it up, yet we still find ourselves doing the test smell. WHY? I don’t know, parenting is borderline insanity sometimes.

How else will you get a chance to enjoy it without having to explain why they can’t have one?

I’m not usually the best at anything, but I have absolutely mastered this. One chocolate bar? Pffft. Easy. I can even do two in a pinch. Talking? Please. I can recite Shakespeare with a chocolate bar in my mouth. Hiding the evidence? No problem. I can hide a candy wrapper behind anything…actually, forget that, I can hide a Diet Coke behind anything. ANYTHING. I can literally make it invisible to the naked eye. I also discovered last night that this hidden talent also applies to cookies and yogurt. I don’t usually brag, but a duck is a duck, and I’m super fecking awesome at this. ? #parentinghacks #parenting #nailedit #parentingwin #momforthewin #chocolate #secretsnacksociety #momlife #mom #momsofinstagram #ottawa #ottawamom #itsthelittlevictories #yogurt #dietcoke #invisible #imtheshit #bestever #worldnumber1 #lol

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Hilarious Parenting Memes and Quotes

I think my daughter is on to me when I say this, but I still have my 4-year-old though. Although, I have to admit, when I say “maybe” it’s actually a “maybe.” Who knows, I might surprise you with a “sure” in a week or two…maybe.

This goes along the same lines. Although, I usually say 5 minutes.


EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! I think next my husband and I will run to the elevator and start hashing it out. A little embarrassment might make it all better. If not, at least it’ll be fun for mommy and daddy. Watch out Pops, I want to press the arrow AND floor buttons!

Oh yeah, sorry to hear the news. It’s happening everywhere!

What about those times when they want to show you something by shoving it into your eyeballs!

It’s just nice to know that some of the craziness we go through is normal. Taking a moment to just belly laugh at all the hilarious parenting memes out there is so worthwhile. Add your own in the comments, we’d love to see them and feel like all is right in the world again.



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  1. I love funny parenting memes. I always seem to come across them when I am having a tough parenting day. They always perk me up!

  2. These funny parenting memes are a truth. BOMB. LOL! Parenting can be a lonely road at times, and we don’t always have time for the social connection that everyone needs. That’s when these come in so handy! Laughing over a meme while sipping your coffee gives you that serotonin bump that a laugh with a friend gives!

  3. My mom and I send each other memes all the time to keep in touch. She sends me funny parenting memes a lot, and I always giggle despite not having kids myself. I can remember being the silly kid in the scenarios!