Looking to dress up your home office space? I have some surprising home office decor items that would be useful and offer a statement to your office. I find having a clean and organized office space that is inviting helps me stay focused on working and the tasks at hand.

Awhile back I did some much-needed changes to my home office and I have to say it has helped me a ton. I found new ways to store items, added some decor pieces to my desk and grabbed some fun printables that keep me on task. And now I can get a lot more done when I sit down to work! If you are looking to make some changes to your home office, you might enjoy these decor ideas below!

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Effortless Home Office Decor Ideas


If you need more storage space, make your own basket using a cardboard box! This is a great way to store items and very simple to create. I always need more places to put stuff. Grab pretty fabric to make it match your theme!

Mason jars are so popular, they offer that perfect farmhouse style look to dress up any room. Check out this classic mason jar desk organizer, that would look perfect in your office.


Want to dress up your home office bulletin board? Try this easy paint project to extend your visual branding.

Zen gardens are fun to have in your office to help add some decor to the room and also are great for relaxing and a stress relief.

Fan of coffee? Check out these Free Coffee Printables. They would be really fun to pop in a frame and hang on the wall to dress up your office. You can find pretty cheap printables at your local dollar store or even the dollar section at Target.

Home Office Decor to Keep You Organized

Check out this To-Do list printable that you can print for free, to help keep you on track for all your tasks that need to be completed. I find it a great way not to forget important tasks, and it helps me stay focused.



I’m guilty of having calendars everywhere, but I love this Chalkboard Wall Calendar! You can sit down and fill out all the things you need to get done each day while having a touch of simple decor.

Home Office Decor Ideas You'll Love


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