Sometimes getting your kids to eat their fruit is an uphill battle. I try to offer fruits and vegetables with each meal, but let’s be honest, most of the time it goes untouched. If you have a finicky eater, you might try these fun ways to hide fruit in food! It is a great way to ensure your child gets their fruit, and they might not even know they are eating it. I count this as a mom win in my books.

13 Clever Recipe to Get Your Kids to Eat Fruit #RealFruit #FruitRecipes

Research has shown that if you keep offering fruit and vegetables to your child, that eventually they might try. It could take months or years before you get that first bite, or at least it feels that way. Or you could find fun ways to serve up fruit to see if that entices your toddlers and young kiddos to dig in. Puree it and add it in with the creamy frosting that goes on top of your fruit bars or cake, or blend it up and create ice pops. Just get creative and watch your kids begin to enjoy eating their fruit.

13 Simple Recipes That Hide Fruit in Food

1. Make Fruit Leather

This strawberry beet fruit leather is a sweet treat your kids will be reaching for after school. It is pretty simple to make and just needs three ingredients. Your kids will love it.


2. Make Homemade Fruit Roll Ups

Living Sweet Moment’s healthy mango fruit roll up looks so yummy! This recipe uses one ingredient, mango. Makes for a great snack option, and gives that exotic fruit taste in a new way than eating chunks of fresh mango. Kids won’t realize it is a mango.

3. Fruit & Veggie Gummy Recipe

Make these easy and healthy fruit and veggie gummies by Creative Green Living. I haven’t met a child that can resist that tempting gummy texture. This recipe is definitely healthier than store-bought ones.

Cool Treats with Real Fruit!

The Typical Mom - Rainbow Popsicle Recipe

4. Rainbow Popsicles Recipe

Cool off with some refreshing and fruit-filled rainbow popsicles, check out the amazing recipe at The Typical Mom. These fruit pops have a variety of fruits from kiwi, mango, blueberries and more.

5. Ice Pops Recipe Filled With Sweet Fruit

In no time you can have these strawberry kiwi ice pops by Craft Create Cook, whipped up and tossed in the freezer. They make for a great afternoon snack or late night snack. Nice and sweet your kids won’t know they are packed with healthy fruit.

Princess Pinky Girl Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe

6. Make a Fruit Smoothie

I LOVE Princess Pinky Girl’s tropical fruit smoothie. It’s a great breakfast or afternoon treat for your kids. Smoothies always remind me of milkshakes and who says no to that? Your child will love the tropical flavors.

7. Apple Milkshake Recipe

Whip up these apple milkshakes for your kids to sip on. An apple a day is supposed to keep the doctor away!

Start the Day with These Real Fruit Breakfast Ideas

Fruit Soda Bread - Kitchen Sanctuary

8. Fruit Soda Bread Recipe

Delicious! Kitchen Sanctuary’s fruit soda bread makes for a quick and easy breakfast. Toss in any dried fruit you want, to make it perfect for your family.

9. Whole Grain Fruit Bar Recipe

Magnolia Day’s whole grain mixed fruit bar is a wonderful option. It is loaded with protein and whole grains and even some fruit.

Primally Inspired Breakfast Fruit Souffle

10. Fruit Souffle Recipe

How about a breakfast souffle? Primally Inspired’s breakfast fruit variation looks like a dessert, but perfect for the 1st meal.

Real Fruit Dessert Recipes You’ll LOVE!

Taste of Lizzy T - Blueberry Oatmeal Bars

11. Blueberry Oatmeal Bar Recipe

If you’re on the hunt for a bar recipe, you might enjoy this blueberry oatmeal bar recipe [Tastes of Lizzy T]. I love the aspect of adding in oats to a recipe as they are so good for you and high in fiber.

12. Triple Berry Fruit Dip Treat

Hand your kids some graham crackers or sugar cookies and let them dip it in this triple berry fruit dip. The creamy flavors paired with fruit will taste like a decadent treat. Tastes of Lizzy T has some amazing recipes!

13. Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread Recipe

A cake like bread that is filled with decadent strawberries, and topped with a rich vanilla frosting. This glazed strawberry cream cheese bread is a great option to sneak in some fruit.

13 Clever Ways to Hide Fruit

More Recipes For Kids

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