Don’t let the beautiful weather slip by without crossing some projects off your to-do list. Is coming up with DIY wooden pallet projects is an idea that is part of your bucket list for the year? Then you’ve got the perfect chance to work on it and tick it against your list. Working with wood is so much fun and leaves you feeling reenergized. For your home décor, be it indoor or outdoor,  here are 17 summer pallet ideas you can DIY this weekend. Gather some pallets, grab your tools and make something beautiful!

Matter of fact, this project can be done with as many people as you want to involve. It can be a family activity and one that helps you bond with your kids. Your weekend need not be boring so be our guest as we take you through mad ideas revolving around pallets.

Pallet ideas you can create this summer

Cool Summer Wooden Pallet Ideas

1.Outdoor Shower

Coz summer days can be extremely hot, why not build an outdoor pallet wood shower to enjoy a cold shower from? This is a great project for those with a pool.  Your family, friends, and guests can rinse off before and after getting out of the pool without tracking through your home. It helps keep your inside space clean and water-free. But who said you who has no pool can’t try it out? After a walk or a barbeque party guys can enjoy this backyard outdoor shower. So feel free to add it to your compound.

Pallet shower for outdoor

2. Beach Pallet Art

You can adorn your indoor or outdoor space with art that is summer-inspired. Create more frames too! And what greater way than doing it with a pallet? This seahorse beach pallet art makes me want to visit the beach right now! The bright blue is gorgeous. It is inviting and simply made for your perfect beach theme during summer. With this, you can just feel the cool waters, moist sand, and beautiful sunrises/sets of the beachside. I’d say this art craft is for beginners in pallet board arts.

Beach pallet art for summer
Seahorse Beach Pallet Art from Darice Blog

3. Pallet Beach Pontoon

Who says boating has to be expensive? And who says pallets are just for pallet bed, pallet coffee table, or pallet sofa and benches? These clever folks built a pallet pontoon using blue 55-gallon drums as the floatation devices under the pallets. This summer you can enjoy your water games, rides and experiences with an easy to DIY pontoon that is made of old pallets and blue drums.  Step into the waters with friends and family on this stable and creatively crafted pontoon.

Pallets and drums pantoon

4. Outdoor Pallet Swing

Enjoy a cool summer breeze on a hot summer day on this genius outdoor pallet swing. I think this is my favorite project of the lot! It looks so lovely for my kids and for I can picture also having a good outdoor time with my partner. Simply make a kind of seat with your pallets and hang them on a try with a long stable rope to come up with this lovely swing. Add some cushions and voila! DIY pallet projects perfect for outdoors.

Pallet Outdoor Swing For Family
Image courtesy of The Sorry Girls

5. Pallet Playhouse

Is your house small for the kids to play in or your backyard just plain with no kids’ corner? How about a pallet playhouse for the kids? You see, pallets can be made into shelves, pallet desk, pallet headboard for the bed, or any home decor you’d like. But his one is great to be built beside your herb garden. They’ll love it, and it’s nice and airy, so it won’t get stuffy inside in the summer heat. It is a simple DIY project that can also be used as a dog kernel if your kids are away from home or if you have no kids. Anyone can enjoy this pallet idea.

Kids' playhouse

6. Towel and Pool Noodle Pallet Storage

You can make more stuff than a bookshelf out of pallets. A poolside nook in your backyard is the ultimate summer life. You can make your poolside more efficient by adding a few custom-made essentials. One way is to hang a pallet and add hooks for towel and pool noodle storage by the pool. After people are done swimming they can easily store the noodles and hang their towel for drying or easy retrieval if they are still in use. Check out the instructions, grab a hammer and some screws, and start making this cool pool noodle pallet shelf!

DIY summer pallet towel hanger by the pool side

7. Pallet Wall Art

“Life’s an adventure; enjoy the ride.” That’s the spirit behind this pallet wall art that’s perfect for a summer vacation mantra. You can come up with more summer-inspired wall arts that can be made using a pallet. Then hang the pallet on your wall as art. More décors for your home, and lovely pallet woodworking projects.

Pallet Beach Mantra
Image courtesy of A Glimpse Inside Blog

8. Pallet Planter Box

Make your outdoor space a lovely space to be in and to glare at. You can come with a budget-friendly pallet project idea for this. Build a pallet planter box for cascading flowers, or herbs. What a gorgeous display to enjoy all spring and summer! Planting flowers is a fun activity and seeing them grow is a whole epic experience. The knowledge and feeling that you saw in the growth of something are irreplaceable. These crates are so lovely!

Pallet for Outdoor Flower Growing Box

9. Pallet Chillout Lounge

Do you need an upgrade of your outdoor relaxing space? This gorgeous blue pallet chill-out lounge is the perfect place to relax, even better than your living room! Put it on the patio, deck, or in the shade of your porch to get your chill on during the summer months. The pallets can be an upcycle or repurposed furniture project you have been longing to take part in. So why not enjoy a low budget project and make something beautiful of your space while at it! You can also make a pallet table that would go perfectly with this pallet bench.

Outdoor Pallet Design for Patio

10. DIY Pallet Recycling Bin

Help the environment by recycling pallets to create a recycling bin. Now that’s a green idea! This one has more space in it to accommodate as many recyclables as possible without feeling up too soon. Plus it is wooden thus also environmentally friendly and long-lasting thus will serve you for as long as you can wish. Check out the tutorial for an earth-friendly project.

Rustic pallet inspired recycle bin

11. Pallet Lanterns

Lanterns are the classic addition to any home. They just make every other thing look chic. And you sure don’t have to get expensive ones for your home when you can make them yourself with upcycle material. Simply make some pallet lanterns for your porch or your home. Wouldn’t these be gorgeous poolside with some solar lights inside, and a lovely pallet patio furniture as well?

Lanterns from pallet scrap wood

12. Outdoor Picnic Pallet Setup

There is something about eating outdoors with family! Food always tastes far more delicious. Maybe it’s the air. Haha! You can add comfortability to your picnic area with a simple DIY pallet idea. Give the kids and their friends their own picnic table for outdoor dining. They’ll enjoy having their own space when you’re entertaining, and it’ll be a nice table for doing summer crafts and activities, too. Get the hammer, some nails, and let’s get crafting!

Picnic pallet seat setup for kids

13. Pallet Bar

Entertaining guests is a fun activity. Though it can be a boring one if you have few entertainment ideas for people who come to your place. Beat boredom by setting up a pallet bar for your summer entertaining. I certainly love the beautiful, bright colors of these pallet slats! The entire setup is just enough to have guests and hold conversations around. You can make stools out of pallets along with the pallet wine rack. Plus it is not an expensive project to have.

Bar setup made from pallets

14. Pallet Mud Kitchen Summer Pallet Ideas

As kids, making mud pies was a summer essential for my brothers and me. I am reminded of how fun those good old days were upon seeing this project. This pallet mud kitchen is a brilliant idea for the kids to cook up some mud dishes. Squishy, messy play is fun, and it’s so important! I wouldn’t mind the wood stain from the pot and tray the kids play. Makes you become so free and explore a big part of being a kid. Give your kids this and a whole lot more to enjoy their lives with. One genius project among the summer pallet ideas.

Pallet Mud Kitchen

15.Pallet Play House

Here’s another pallet playhouse that’s a bit easier to build. The kids can even help!  It can be as big as they love or you want so as to accommodate as many playmates as possible since kids tend to invite their friends over for summer hangouts. They even created some pallet seats to go inside. You could do the same when coming up with your playhouse. The wood can be painted or not depending on your liking. I would choose to paint them with colorful playful colors.

Pallet playhouse

16. Outdoor Pallet Dog Bed

One of the awesome summer pallet ideas is to build an outdoor dog bed for Fido to relax on while the whole family enjoys the outdoors. I am a lover of pets and my dog would really love its own place to chill and be comfortable in. Dogs also need all the sun to bask they want and enjoy outdoor setups just like humans. This is an idea that I will definitely adopt for my dog Beans and my cat Sushi. And with it done, the summer can begin.

Pallet dog bed

17. Patio Furniture Summer Pallet Idea

If you’re feeling really inspired, here’s an entire patio furniture set made out of pallets. Isn’t it incredible? Your whole patio being totally made of wood and not any other type but pallet is something to die for. I would spend my entire evenings reading a book on this patio or just listen to music and enjoying the evening breeze while waiting for the sun to set beautifully. Such happiness!

Sweet, sweet burn of sun and summer wind, and you, my friend, my new fun thing, my summer fling.- K.D. Lang

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Which clever DIY wooden pallet project are you making this summer?

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