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We’re totally ready for beach trips, but what are we gonna do with our hair in the hot, humid weather at the beach? We’ve found 15 styles that are perfect for a day in the sand, whether your hair is short, long or somewhere in between. Which of these beach hair ideas are you going to try first?

15 Beautiful Beach Hair Ideas for Summer

Beach Hair Ideas for a Cool Summer

This Double Dutch Braid Bun is gorgeous! It’s a great look for the beach, and because it’s messy, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it perfectly right.

beach hair 1

via Barefoot Blonde

When your hair is still wet and you don’t have time to let it dry, try this rolled-up style with a flower pin. Chic and colorful!

beach hair 13

via Hair Romance

Is it just me, or does this simple knot braid look totally mermaid-ish?

beach hair 2

via A Beautiful Mess

Create beach waves in just 5 minutes by halving your hair, twisting each section and blowing it dry.

beach hair 3

via Pop Sugar

This side-swept braid within a braid is ultra-feminine and perfect for a hot day at the beach.

beach hair 4

via Brit & Co.

For a half up, half down style, this half fishtail braid is the perfect compromise.

beach hair 5

via Stylecaster

Go for the boho chic look with a single side braid (waterfall braid) and beach-tousled hair.

beach hair 6

via Barefoot Blonde

This thick summer braid will be your go-to beach look. It’s super simple if you’re comfortable with the French braid, and you can easily dress it up or down.

beach hair 7

via Treasures and Travels

You can never go wrong with a messy bun. Easy, quick and really pretty.

beach hair 8

via Add Hairstyle

Short locks? Don’t fret! You can still get your hair away from your face and neck with this super stylish short hair updo.

beach hair 9

via Anne Sage

Waves and a waterfall braid create a soft, dreamy look that’ll still look lovely at the end of the day.

beach hair 10

via Be Hairstyles

Dutch braid hair on each side of your head, and pull it all together in a low bun to recreate this look.

beach hair 11

via Cosmopolitan

Half top knots are my favorite thing – a little bit pulled together, but still a little messy. Perfect!

beach hair 12

via Hair Romance

The summer braid twist is another great choice for those with short hair. The short ends sticking out just adds to the purposefully messy look.

beach hair 14

via Twist Me Pretty

To go from the beach to an evening out without missing a step, try a low side bun wrapped in braids. Gorgeous!

beach hair 15

via The Freckled Fox

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