Wondering how to keep your car clean as a Parent? It can be quite a challenge. Between shouts of “Are we there yet?” and “I need to go to the bathroom!” you’re trying to keep the little ones entertained and organized while driving to your destination. Phew! With these car tips, you’ll enjoy every minute of that car ride. Okay, maybe not every minute, but road trips will be a lot more pleasant. After all, a dirty car is really, really stressful! Keep your life stressfree and learn how to keep your car clean.

Video: Easy Car Cleaning Tricks

Want to finally have a clean car? Check out this short video to see some hacks to help you get it clean quickly and easily!
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to clean up messes in the car that could have been prevented if I would have just had something in place to keep things clean…I’ve since learned my lesson and I won’t be making that mistake again! Here are some super simple tips to keep the car clean that anyone can do! (but they are perfect if you have kids!) If you're looking for organizational tips to keep your car clean, look no further than these great hacks! #onecrazyhouse #keepyourcarclean #car #tipstocleanyourcar

Simple Tips Parents Need to Keep the Car Clean – With Kids

If you have little ones, leaving their legs dangling from their seats for hours during long car rides can be extremely uncomfortable. Give them some footing with small suitcases in the floor. Bonus: These can serve as storage for car emergency kits or toys if you’re not going on an overnight trip. suitcases on the floor One thing that you definitely can live without is an extra bag (or lots of extra bags). Why? Well, you’ll need barf bags, diaper bags, trash bags, dirty clothes bags, and on and on… Put them in a wipes container to keep them organized. Keep a shower caddy handy to hold your kids’ meals when you’re on the go. shower caddy in the car Suctioned shower caddies allow kids to keep a few toys within arms reach. It’s best to keep softer toys here, as heavy or pointed objects can become projectiles in a crash. suctioned shower caddies I can’t believe how much this mom fits into such a small space! The zipper pockets allow for super easy organization (markers, lotions, and potions, snacks, etc.), while the basket keeps everything in one spot. auto pocket organizers Silicone cupcake liners prevent sticky messes from ruining your cup holders. Whenever you spill a drink, just pop out the liner, wash it and replace it. Easy. Use a shoe holder to create backseat pockets for toys, books, sippy cups, snacks and more. backseat pockets Make a DIY iPad holder for the back of the headrest so your kids can watch movies during longer trips. diy ipad holder Hang a book storage case between your kids’ seats to store their favorite books for the car ride. diy travel book storage No parent should be without a little emergency kit to fix boo-boos on the go! emergency kit If your little ones get car sick quite a bit, then a car sick bin is a must. As it turns out, red solo cups make great on-the-go puke buckets, and the wipes are necessary for cleanup. Aren’t these some of the greatest tips to keep your car clean?

Do you have any tips to share on how you keep your car clean when you have the kids items to deal with as well?

tips to clean your car

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  1. With 2 active boys, I have a really hard time keeping my van organized! It’s hard to sort out what to keep in your car, or how to keep your car clean. I really Iike the added storage that some of these hacks offer.