Looking for ways to make your car cleaner?? You’ve been living out of your car for a few days, and boy, can you tell it!

You’re slightly embarrassed to open the car too wide in the pickup line at school, afraid that someone may see the dust, the used tissues or the stained floor mats.

Take heart, busy parent. We’ve found 15 unexpected ways to make your car cleaner, and we think they’ll help you keep it that way!

Whether you are trying to sell your car, or just give it a new car feel, these tricks, tips and DIY ideas will help you make your car look like you just drove it off the lot.

Ways to Make Your Car Cleaner

Hate scrubbing your car floor mats? Put them in the dishwasher instead!

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Clean out your cup holders, and then insert silicone cupcake liners to keep them clean once and for all. The cupcake liners (affiliate) are so much easier to wash because they’re removable.

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Put tissues in a to-go cup so they’ll sit neatly in your cup holder. You may want to put an empty cup in the other cup holder for used tissues. Brilliant!

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For a super shiny car without waxing and buffing, apply hair conditioner after washing. Don’t worry; you’ll be rinsing it back off!

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Use one of your kids’ clean paintbrushes to brush out the air vents in your car. No more dust!

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A foam brush does a great job, too!

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Add a little vegetable oil to a coffee filter to clean dust off your dash.

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Use a wet dryer sheet to get sticky dead bugs off your bumper. (More dryer sheet hacks here.)

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Do you have dull, dingy headlights? Make them cleaner and brighter with toothpaste!

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Put a cereal canister lined with a grocery bag in your car to use as a trash can. Put one in the backseat for the kids, too.

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Sometimes the best cleaners are homemade. This blogger got her cloth floor mats unbelievably clean with her own homemade cleaner.

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After you clean your car, help it stay fresh with this essential oil trick. You only need a few drops, and it will last for ages!

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Get pet fur out of your car seats with a squeegee. (Read more squeegee cleaning tips!)

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Clean your car windows with your steam cleaner! That’s much easier than wiping them down with Windex and cloths.

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