Have you taken up adult coloring? If not, these must-haves for adult coloring need to be on your radar!

I don’t know about you, but even at my age, I love to color. I find it extremely calming, super easy, and something that I can actually finish without losing track of time and energy. Plus, I get to hang up my finished product on the fridge when I’m done showing the world what I completed. (okay, maybe not really…but kinda-sorta) If you love to be crafty and create things, you’ ll find adult coloring very soothing!

If you’re looking for a fun way to relieve stress, anxiety or just channel your inner child and have fun, you’ll love these must-haves for adult coloring!

Interested in adult coloring? These beautiful and fun artist tools needs to be on your radar. You'll be amazed at how much beauty they bring to your work! #adultcoloring #onecrazyhouse #artist #beautiful

12 Must-Haves for Adult Coloring

1) Colored Pencils – I feel like colored pencils sometimes get a bad wrap. They are so great for shading and adding different levels of color! They are also great for detail work! Colored pencils are a must for coloring.


2) Double-Ended Art Markers – These markers are awesome because they give you so many options. Each end serves a different purpose.


3) Crayons – For the less serious artist who is looking for that nostalgic vibe, these crayons are perfect! They have fun colors and even rainbow colors. Bring out your inner child with these.


4) Metallic Markers – A metallic marker is a fun way to add some sparkle and shine to your coloring. These markers will add some visual interest to your coloring.


5) Pencil Sharpener – Keep a sharp point on your colored pencils with a pencil sharpener, a must have for your coloring tool kit.

colored pencils for adult coloring

Don’t forget these must-haves for adult coloring as well!

6) Pencil Case – This case is perfect for storing all of your coloring gear. There is a spot for everything, including your pencil sharpener! On the plus side, it is also adorable.


7) Coloring Poster – I love the idea of putting a big poster up on the wall of your office or creative space for when you need a minute to think or to doodle while you make a phone call! This is a fun world themed poster.


8) Canvas Pencil Roll – This fun pencil roll looks like it was colored which adds to the charm of it. This would be great for storing colored pencils, markers or even the crayons from above.


9) Fantastic Cities Coloring Book – I can’t be the only one who has always had a love of coloring buildings? These are so pretty and inspiring.

adult coloring tips

10) How to Color – This is such an adult thing to do! Get a how-to book for coloring. This book has some fun tips and tricks to up your coloring game.


11) Color Therapy Stationary Cards – Why not take your coloring and send it to a friend? These cards are perfect for sending a custom note to someone special.


12) Peaceful Paisleys Coloring Book – I find paisley to be super therapeutic to color. It is calming and relaxing. This coloring book has plenty of relaxation in it!

When it comes to coloring as an adult, there are so many fun tools that you just have to have! Luckily, you can try them all with ease with all the available options online!

Do you like to adult color? If so, what coloring tools are a must for you?

Interested in adult coloring? These beautiful and fun artist tools needs to be on your radar. You'll be amazed at how much beauty they bring to your work! #adultcoloring #onecrazyhouse #artist #beautiful



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