To be honest, sandwiches can be pretty dull! I know I hate eating the same thing over and over again, so why make your child do that? If you are struggling with lunch ideas, check out these tasty no sandwich lunch ideas that your kids will devour! I am all for fun lunches that don’t require a ton of time, but still, give my children variety that their tastebuds needs. I remember when I was a kid the days we had field trips, and we got to take Lunchables for lunch it was like we hit the lottery! Let your child feel like they won the lottery every day.

No Sandwich Lunch Ideas That Your Kids Will Devour

Give one or more of these no sandwich lunch ideas a try, and see how you and your child likes it. I know you might not try every single idea on the list, but breaking out of your routine and switching it up might be great for you and your child. From tasty wraps to pasta salads, to even serving up some leftovers from the night before. The options for a no sandwich lunchbox are endless. Here are 100+ school lunches your kid might like as well! Or if you are a fan of Bento Boxes check out these fun lunch ideas.

15 No Sandwich Lunch Ideas To Help Give Your Child Variety In Their Lunches

 Make a homemade taco lunch kit for your child. You use tortilla chips, so it is like mini crunchy tacos or even nachos, packed with their favorite toppings.

Most children will gobble up anything that has the word pizza in it! Try these Pizza Muffins and see how your kids like it. These pizza muffins are easy to make, and you can make ahead of time for an easy grab and toss in lunch box type of morning.

No Sandwich Lunches - Vegetable Sushi Donuts - Recipes From A Pantry Vegetable sushi donuts are not only good for your child but absolutely a dream to eat. Who doesn’t want to eat veggie sushi that looks like a donut? It will make all their friends jealous, and it takes just five minutes to make.

If your kid likes smoked salmon try these smoked salmon cream cheese wraps. It is full of rich flavors, a creamy texture, and a mix of herbs for flavor!

Frittata muffins are great for kids who love eating breakfast foods. Serve with a container of salsa, sour cream and let them dip and enjoy for a fun lunch.

NO Sandwich Lunches - Pizza Rolls- Spaceship and Laserbeams

Pizza rolls are another pizza inspired idea that has breading all around, and the center is full of sauce, meat, and cheese. I would even pack these for my lunch.

Yum! Seven layer dip cups are great to pair with some tortilla chips for dipping or even fresh crisp veggies. Your kiddo will get some protein from the refried beans which are a nice change of protein source from meat.

If your kid like quesadillas this is a great recipe to follow. You can use any meats whether lunch meat or even shredded chicken that you have leftover.

Ham rollups are one of my favorites. Granted they have lunch meat, but you are using it in a totally different way from a sandwich form. The pickle center truly is magical!

More Tasty No Sandwich Lunches

No Sandwich Lunches - Pasta Salad-Shaken Together Life

I am always up for making a big batch of pasta salad and then using it for lunches for the whole family. I love the idea of putting all the toppings in separate containers to let your kiddo use a toothpick as a skewer to create their flavor combos.

Grab your English muffins and make mini pizzas with them. What is great about English muffins is all those little nooks and crannies will soak up the sauce and make for a perfect crust, and top with your child’s favorite toppings.

Kids love to have food in fun shapes, so try out these tortilla pinwheel lollipops for a change. I know if I were a kid I would go crazy over a lunch that looked like I was eating a lollipop!

No Sandwich Lunches - Hummus Stuffed Peppers - Peas and CrayonsHummus-stuffed peppers are great for kids who are vegetarian and don’t eat meat. You get a good source of protein from the hummus, with a crisp and refreshing pepper.

This is a fun one, mozzarella stick cordon bleu bites! You have ham wrapped around a piece of a mozzarella stick, and tomato on  the end. Kids will love eating off toothpicks for single-serve bites.

Grab a thermos and pour in some homemade chicken noodle soup for those colder days at school to warm your child up. Nothing warms the heart more than a bowl of mama’s homemade soup.

No Sandwich Lunch Ideas That Your Kids Will Devour

What is your go-to no sandwich lunchbox meal you whip up for your kids?