Most (if not all) of us have had medications prescribed to us and I’m pretty sure everyone who has emptied their medicine bottles immediately sends the bottles to the trash. No one has ever tried to use these pill bottle hacks. But have you ever stopped and thought about how useful those little plastic tubes can be? I know I haven’t thought much about it, which is why when I came across these uses for empty pill bottles, I about lost my mind in amazement. From cleaning and home organization to crafting, there are about one hundred uses for those pill bottles. See for yourself!

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pill bottle hacks

Pill Bottle Hacks You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Store quarters for laundry day or to keep in your car for tolls.

pill bottle hacks 1

via DIY Inspired

Make fire starters for your next camping trip.

pill bottle hacks 13

via Mom with a Prep

Use it to measure out detergent for front loading HE washing machines. This trick is especially helpful if your kids do their own laundry.

pill bottle crafts

via The Crafty Blog Stalker

Keep some bobby pins handy in the car or while traveling.

what to do with old pill bottles

via Condo Blues

Put together a survival kit to take camping or hiking. This could seriously come in handy!

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via Survival at Home

Paint the bottles to make toothbrush holders for everyone in the family. Love this idea! If you want a craftier way to store toothbrushes, check out this dinosaur toothbrush holder.

pill bottle hacks 15

via Domesblissity

Put a spare key inside a pill bottle, glue a rock to the top, and hide or bury it in your yard. I know I’ve locked myself out a couple times before.

pill bottle hacks 5

via Hacks of Life

Keep your earbuds in one to ensure they don’t get tangled in your purse or backpack.

pill bottle hacks 6

via One Good Thing by Jillee

A travel pincushion would make a lovely little gift for someone who loves to sew.

pill bottle hacks 7

via Rambling Rose

Pack q-tips into a pill bottle for travel. You can also use them for shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc… Just make sure they seal tightly.

pill bottle hacks 8

via Huffington Post

Hang your batteries under a shelf in old vitamin bottles. This would actually work well for all sorts of hardware like screws, nails, nuts and bolts to keep things organized in the garage.

pill bottle hacks 9

via Lifehacker

Put your cake piping tools in individual pill bottles. Cute idea!

pill bottle hacks 16

via The Bear Foot Baker

Make a cute little snowman and fill it with candy. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

pill bottle hacks 14

via Crafting a Green World

Keep hair ties handy in your gym bag or locker.

pill bottle hacks 10

via Home for 4 Sweet Home

Recycle old, broken crayons by melting them and putting them into a pill bottle. Your kids will love the chunky rainbow crayons! (Get more crayon making tips here.)

pill bottle hacks 11

via Think Crafts

Pill bottle cookies are perfect for Christmas or anytime, really. There’s never a bad time to enjoy a mini cookie!

pill bottle hacks 12

via The Handicapped Kitchen

Create your own nail polish remover tubs with cotton balls and pill bottles.

pill bottle hacks 17

via Who Knew?

So before you throw out those bottles, stop and think about how you can get more bang for your buck.

Super Smart Pill Bottle Hacks