Moving into a dorm room soon? Although it used to be difficult to decorate the walls, desks, cork boards and more, that’s no longer the case thanks to command hooks, Blu Tack and a few of these handy tricks. Where were those things when I was in college? Anyway, you can make your room your own with these super cute, super girly dorm room decor and organization ideas. Send us a picture of yours when it’s done! And don’t miss out on our post, Dorm Hacks They Didn’t Teach You in College Life 101 — it’s a must read! Make your dorm room a home away from home with these fun DIY decoration and organization ideas!

Decor and Organization Ideas for Your Dorm Room

Washi tape your keyboard to add a little color to your desktop. washi tape crafts 2 Keep up with your charger and your phone with this easy cell phone charging station made out of an old lotion bottle. See more charging station ideas here. dorm room 3 This is also a great idea that doesn’t detract from the room decor: a book charging station! dorm room 2 Hang your snacks on the door to keep them out of the way. Here’s a bunch of other ways to use shoe organizers, too! dorm room 20

Video: Simple Dorm Room Hacks

Want the best dorm room in the hall? Check out this short video to see some super helpful dorm room hacks you’ll love!
Learn how to fold t-shirts to save space in your drawers. The shirt you need will be in a handy little ball – no more digging through a pile to find the one you’re looking for! dorm room 21 Never mistake your roommate’s phone charger for your own again. Glitterize yours to make it stand out. dorm room 4 Turn ordinary twinkle lights into flower lights using simple cupcake liners. Isn’t that a pretty addition to your windows or walls? dorm room 5 Create a pretty desk organizer out of cardboard tubes, wrapping paper, boxes and burlap. It’s amazing what a little creativity can do. dorm room 19 Keep up with assignments, tests and social activities with a dry erase paint chip calendar. Make one for your roomie, too! dorm room 6 Add string between two thumbtacks or command hooks to create a picture clothesline (or three) to display pictures of you and your friends. dorm room 7 Show your school spirit with a fun and easy wreath! This one is made out of plastic tablecloths, so it’s incredibly cheap to make. dorm room 18 Keep your desk drawers organized with dividers made of pasta boxes or cereal boxes. It’s so easy to design a system that fits your space! dorm room 8 Create a rolling vanity that you can take with you from your dorm room to the bathroom (if you’re lucky and live in a suite). dorm room 9 If your roommate will go for it, create an accent wall using washi tape. You can go with stripes, of course, or chevrons, but these crosses are super cute. dorm room 10 If your school will let you switch out your beds, a loft bed is a total life and space saver. Put extra seating underneath, or your desk… or additional clothes storage. dorm room 11 Make a confetti wall! This is actually pretty easy. Just use a template to cut out your circles. Scrapbook paper in lots of different coordinating patterns and colors will do just fine. Then use Blu-Tack (affiliate) to put all the circles on the wall. It comes right off, so you don’t have to worry about wall damage. dorm room 12 Jazz up an ordinary dry erase board or cork board with washi tape or duct tape. dorm room 17 Create a heart photo display for your wall. Use Blu Tack or a similar reusable putty to make the photos stick. dorm room 13 Make a dry erase board out of a simple photo frame. It’s great for leaving notes for your roommate, writing shopping lists as you run out of things or displaying your latest inspirational quote. dorm room 15 Decorate light switches and outlet covers with washi tape to add a little color and fun in unexpected places. washi tape crafts 12 Dress up your dorm room mirror with fake flowers! If you don’t want to use a glue gun, try Blu Tack here as well. dorm room 16 Hang a photo banner above your desk or bed… Make sure you have digital or physical copies of your photos before you cut them into triangles, though! dorm room 14 Organize your hair tools without cluttering up your sink top. Add command hooks to the inside of the cabinet to hang your hairstyling tools from.
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