Wondering where to hide money so that you can keep it secure, no matter where you are?

We have rounded up 15 smart ways and the best places to hide money so you don’t have to drill safe hiding places in your walls. It’s a good idea to keep some cash on hand in your home, your car, or on your person for emergencies. Although it’s unlikely, a problem with your bank’s computer systems or an electrical outage may prevent access to your accounts. But you have to be careful. Thief and burglars are wise to the typical hiding spots like under the mattresses or in the freezer. If you want to keep some cash on hand, try these clever money hacks.

Smart Ways to Hide Money

Smart Ways and The Best Places to Hide Money

1. Dental Floss Container

At home or on the road, a dental floss container is a convenient hiding spot. Don’t use the floss on your teeth, though—germy! Keep a separate container on hand for flossing. This is such a nifty trick for diversion safes that you can definitely try on vacation trips. If you have this in the family bathroom, well, you need to be more discreet about it!

 Best Places to Hide Emergency Cash at Home

2. Fake Electrical Outlet

This fake electrical outlet is a great place to hide and store cash. Who’d think to look there? It looks like an electrical outlet and you hide your money and other valuables behind it. If you’re not handy, no need to worry. It comes with instructions for installations and you can have your ‘safe’ in minutes! The only downside to this is you will have to make a hole in your wall but the tools for this will be provided with your packet. Place this next to a real electrical outlet and it will go unnoticed by a burglar!

3. DIY Wrist Wallet

Are you a runner or jogger? Hide your cash in one of these DIY wrist wallets. This is so cool and clever. It takes some stitching to do and you can accessorize it with any jewelry you like so it looks like a wrist band. Remember this will only come in handy with notes as coins will be jiggly and uncomfortable. If you have a small wrist, then this is perfect as it is so lightweight. Now you can run or jog without risking the money falling out of your pocket! If you have a close friend or relative that enjoys running, share this with them or make it for them.


4. Hide money in a DVD Case

Does anyone use these anymore? Probably not! But if you have some CDs or DVD cases lying around, do not let them gather dust. They have great storage compartments for small items like money or a single key. Just remember which case you used for quick retrieval. You can use one from your favorite movie or series.

hide money at home

More Genius Ways to Hide Cash

5. Hide money in a hollow door

If you’re handy with tools, try hiding some cash in one of the hollow doors inside your home. Here’s a complete tutorial for this hidden compartment.

A simpler way to do it is to drill a hole at the top of any interior door. Make it in a size that will fit a small cylindrical item such as a cigar tube. Roll your money and keep it there. Please make sure to stay close to the outside edges if working with a hollow-core door.

6. Empty mayonnaise jar

Stash some money in your fridge in an empty mayonnaise jar. Paint the inside of the jar a cream color so the money isn’t visible when the fridge is opened. We love this idea! Cash in the fridge? So cool (pun intended)! You can also use other empty food containers like a cereal box that will go undetected by those around you. Please make sure that these can go unnoticed by those around you if it’s a secret stash.

Ways to Hide Money

7. False air vent

Install a false air vent to put away some dough. You can purchase faux air vents made specifically for this purpose, but if you want to save some scratch, just make one yourself. It may take a lot of work to install these but once it is done, you have your secret compartment safe for a very long time. You can have these in the bathroom, in the basement, or under the sinks. After all, they are fake!

8. Secret book or bookcase

You may have seen in movies when an ordinary bookshelf opens up to an entire money vault. Well, we may not need that kind of heavy investment in our homes but books are great places to hide those bills. Put some money stash between the pages of a memorable book. Choosing your favorite book (or your child’s favorite) will help you remember where it is later, especially if you have loads of books on your shelf. You can do this another way to do it by using a bookcase. You can purchase one or create one yourself.

9. Hide money in the kids’ rooms

Apparently, burglars rarely enter kids’ rooms, so hiding some cash in an old toy your child no longer uses may be a good idea. Put it up in a closet or on a shelf along with some others so you’ll know it’s safe. Remember exactly where you put your stash or you might hand down those toys with your bills. Not a bad gift idea though!

Best Spot to Hide Valuables

10. Money in the Chapstick Tube

Keep cash on hand in your car or dresser drawers by hiding it in a tube of lip balm. You’ll always have money for those little emergencies (like a much-needed cup of coffee on a hectic morning). Additionally, if someone went through your purse, they are less likely to steal your lip balm!

travel hacks

Here’s how to go about this:

  • Take an old tube of Chapstick. Take it apart and clean it. You can use a wet wipe for this.
  • Roll up your money and place it in the empty tube.
  • Close it up and voila!

If you are traveling to a busy street, have this in the front pocket of your pants where it’s easy to reach but tough to be pick-pocketed.

15 smart ways to hide money

11. Use a fish tank

This smart way to hide money will have no one guessing! Hide a hundred in your fish tank! Put it in a waterproof container near the seaweed, coral, and other tank decorations. If your container camouflages with the surroundings, even better. Just make sure your container is well-grounded so it does not float away!

Weird ways to hide money

12. In a box of tampons or pads

When you’re traveling, put some extra cash in a box of tampons, pads, or tissue box. That’s a practical place at home, too! If you are at home, you can keep that box in a designated place so it does not get thrown out accidentally. You may also want to roll and place money in a toilet tank or toilet paper. No one will care to steal that, trust me. Just make sure it’s not the same box of tampons you give to a stranger in need!

 Best Places to Hide Emergency Cash at Home

13. Empty deodorant container

Save an empty deodorant container to stash a hundred-dollar bill or two. Just like we did with our Chapstick, start by taking apart your old deodorant container. Wash your container with soap and water, or wipe the inside with a warm cloth. It is important that you don’t take out the twisty part of the deodorant because it’s hard to put back on. Place your notes in the container and remember where you are placing your secret stash. We don’t want to risk disposing of this as an empty! You may even have some nice-smelling notes of cash!

Smart Ways to Hide Money

14. Deep way to hide money

Some people bury money in their yards or in potted plants. We want to make sure our money remains clean and protected from rodents while underground. Keep your notes together using a rubber band and use wrapping paper to protect them from damage. Place your sealed money in a plastic container. Water-proof is the best way to go. Dig a deep hole in your front yard or backyard and bury your money.

This is a clever way to save emergency money or reward money, like for a vacation. It is ideal for a long-term plan because you don’t want to be unearthing it every so often.

Your kids will love doing this with their savings too! You could even draw yourself a treasure map just for fun.

15. Use the bottom of your desk or drawer

We know we can use the insides of our drawers, but what about under them? Put some money in an envelope, and tape it to the bottom of your desk or a drawer. As long as the bottom of the desk is very close to the floor, this is a brilliant way to hide a stash of money that will be needed in the short term. Make sure this is not a huge pack that will create a bulge under the desk.

You can also decorate and hide money in picture frames, on the side next couch, curtains, curtain’s hemming, curtain rods, cushions, in your pantry, socks, sock drawer, and cable tv outlets. No one will notice!

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