It’s a good idea to keep some cash on hand in your home, your car or on your person for emergencies. Although it’s unlikely, a problem with your bank’s computer systems or an electrical outage may prevent access to your accounts. But you have to be careful. Burglars are wise to the typical hiding spots like under the mattresses or in the freezer. If you want to keep some cash on hand, here are 15 clever ways to hide money.


Ways to Hide Money

At home or on the road, a dental floss container is a convenient hiding spot. Don’t use the floss on your teeth, though—germy! Keep a separate container on hand for flossing.

This fake electrical outlet is a great place to hide some money. Who’d think to look there?

Are you a runner or jogger? Hide your cash in one of these DIY wrist wallets.

Hide some money in the DVD case of your favorite movie for quick retrieval later.


Hide Cash

If you’re handy with tools, try hiding some cash in one of the hollow doors inside your home. Here’s a complete tutorial.

Stash some money in your fridge in an empty mayonnaise jar. Paint the inside of the jar a cream color so the money isn’t visible when the fridge is opened.

Install a false air vent to put away some dough. You can purchase faux air vents made specifically for this purpose, but if you want to save some scratch, just make one yourself.

Put some cash between the pages of a memorable book. Choosing your favorite book (or your child’s favorite) will help you remember where it is later, especially if you have loads of books on your shelf.

Apparently, burglars rarely enter kids’ rooms , so hiding some cash in an old toy your child no longer uses may be a good idea. Put it up in a closet or on a shelf along with some others so you’ll know it’s safe.

Keep cash on hand in your car by hiding it in a tube of lip balm. You’ll always have money on hand for those little emergencies (like a much-needed cup of coffee on a hectic morning).


Hide a hundred in your fish tank! Put it in a waterproof container near the seaweed, coral and other tank decorations.

When you’re traveling, put some extra cash in a box of tampons or pads. That’s an effective place at home, too!

Save an empty deodorant container to stash a hundred dollar bill or two.

Some people bury money in their yards or in potted plants. You could even draw yourself a treasure map just for fun.

Put some money in an envelope, and tape it to the bottom of your desk or a drawer.

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