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We’ve already put together tips for organizing your drawers, but maybe you have some old drawers in the garage or basement that you’re not sure what to do with. Perhaps you have a dresser that’s on its last legs, but some of the drawers are still in good shape. If so, you’re in luck! With a little creativity, you’ll find lots of ways to reuse old drawers. Need some extra bookshelves? You can do that. How about under-the-bed storage? Old drawers are perfect! Check out these tips for repurposing old drawers for more inspiration.

15 Smart Ways to Reuse Old DrawersIf you love the ideas of these old drawer makeovers but don’t have any drawers that you are willing to sacrifice, don’t feel like you have to skip over these fun DIYs! Simply keep an eye out at flea markets, thrift stores, and even yard sales. This is a great way to find old dressers that have drawers you can repurpose at a very affordable price. If you are feeling lucky you can even try your hand at bartering!

How to Reuse Old Drawers

Add cork board to the drawer and hang it on the wall for a cool bulletin board. This is great for your teens room to help keep them organized with the busy school schedule.

Convert that old drawer into a beautiful flower box. Love the distressed paint look. This can really dress up any area whether you sit this outdoors or even on an enclosed front porch.

A small drawer makes for a nice bookshelf and lamp. Yep, this one pulls double duty. Perfect for a small apartment that you are looking for ways to utilized limited space.

Need a new bathroom shelf? An old drawer is an excellent choice! This is a really popular design right now. Add some mason jars, succulents and you have a farmhouse style bathroom.

This sandwich station from an old drawer could save you so much time packing lunches every morning! If you have another drawer on hand, you can even use it to store after school snacks so your child knows exactly where to go to grab a tasty snack.

ways to reuse old drawers

Ways to Repurpose Drawers

Turn a sewing machine drawer into a mail receptacle for the table in your entryway. Sit on a table and or counter and store your mail you bring home each day, toss in napkins and sit on a table for guest at a dinner party. A very chic and versatile piece.

Put two drawers back to back to make a dollhouse for the kids. What a frugal solution to a really expensive toy! Your child will thank you for days for a new way to play with their dolls.

Make a table for your patio. Add a shelf underneath for extra storage. This is a favorite of mine, I love decorating outdoors. Feeling lucky? Paint your table a bold color to make it stand out.

Use a rustic-looking drawer as a centerpiece for your holiday decor. With each new season, you could add new items inside to adjust it to fit the season. A really fun farmhouse look.

Add some wheels to the bottom for slide-under-the-bed storage for the kids’ toys. So smart! (Get more toy organization ideas.)

how to reuse old drawers

Drawer Recycling Tips

If you’re a salvage junkie with lots of little drawers, create a cool pattern of shelves on your wall. This is really neat and would look fun in a game room or your basement.

Turn an ornate drawer into a stylish ottoman. Bonus points if it opens up for extra storage. These are also great for gifts, they are one of a kind and a versatile and useful item for your home.

Add some legs to the bottom of the drawer to create an open storage box for toys or books in the kids’ room. Sit at the end of your child’s bed or in a corner and watch them store fun items and toys inside. They could even use it as a baby bed for some of their dolls.

Attach gutter guard to a small drawer to create a message center for your mudroom or entryway. You know I love anything to help keep a home organized and clutter free.

Paint a few drawers pretty colors to match the theme of your child’s room, and then hang them on the walls to store their favorite books or toys. Genius!

Turn an old drawer into a bookcase to store your favorite books and use for a display piece in your home or child’s room. This is a fun way that your child can grab a book and read and be able to put it up after they finish with ease.

Or if you have minimal space, do a mini bookcase. This is fun to sit by your child’s bed so they can reach for the perfect bedtime story.

Grab an old drawer and make this rustic looking boot tray to catch and drips and dirt from coming in from outdoors. You can paint it to fit your look of your home, or allow the wood to stand out and have that rustic farmhouse look. If you have multiple drawers, do a few so each family member has room to place their shoes.

Check out this neat antique table made from, you guessed it drawers! It is so neat and I love that olden look to it. Really adds so much character to the room.

┬áIf you have drawers on hand, don’t toss it out, consider repurposing it in one of these cool ways. Or maybe these options gave you the inspiration to find a whole new purpose for it. But also keep in mind you can even repurpose the whole dresser. With a little paint, distressing, you can transform it into a whole new look. You can make dollhouses, workstations and more. Never toss something out without really looking at it to see if you have any new uses that might be waiting for you! There are so many fun tutorials and ideas online, to help you create your vision in your head.