Who made up the rule that Christmas had to be expensive? Seriously. With everything else going on in the world, why does the holiday time need to really put on any extra type of monetary pressure?

If you are planning to celebrate this Christmas in a simple way, do check out this post on Cheapskate Christmas budget ideas.

This year, just say “no” to the spending spree and “yes” to have a repurposed Christmas. Instead of focusing on trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, spend your time and energy by focusing on finding new ways to create memories that will last a lifetime.

As you know, memories last a lot longer than any gifts that you’re going to spend a ton of money on, right? Instead of expensive gifts, why not try some of these simple ideas!

repurposed Christmas

The point of a repurposed Christmas is that you can still give a gift, but it’s something that isn’t bought or expensive. Dig deep in the creative caverns of your mind and think outside the box this year in terms of gift-giving. Sometimes, the best gifts that one can actually give are gifts that come from the heart…or something that you own that someone else may treasure and cherish more than you.

This year is the year of the repurposed Christmas and here’s how you can join in on the fun!

What is the point of repurposing?

It’s because we just literally all have too much stuff! Take a look around your house…are your walls lined with clutter already as it is? And then add in all the gifts that you’re going to be given for Christmas. No thanks. Repurposing not only helps you clear out some things, but it’s saving money and time for everyone involved as well.

Does repurposing make you cheap?

It depends on how you look at it. If you think you’re cheap, then maybe you are…but if you’re looking at it in a way that you’re gifting an item that you no longer have a use for, then who says that you aren’t being proactive in saving items from just ending up in the landfill?

Genius Ways To Have A Repurposed Christmas

Get creative and make a gift instead

If you’ve ever received a handmade gift, you know just how awesome they truly are. They take time, thought and most of all, patience and love. Handmade gifts are seriously hard work! Sometimes hours upon hours are spent creating just that perfect gift. It’s honestly much easier to head to the store and just buy something off the shelf!

Some homemade items to consider making and gifting could include:

  • Crotched blankets
  • Homemade potholders
  • Knitted gloves and scarves
  • Oil or pastel paintings

The sky is the limit when it comes to your creativity and skills!

Rewrap something to regift that you’ve never used

If you take the time to dig around the shelves in your house, you’ll probably find a gift or two that you have no use for and never opened. There is nothing wrong with regifting a gift, as long as you aren’t giving the gift back to the person that gave it to you in the first place!

Why go out and spend money on ANOTHER candle for someone when you already have 10 or 15 just sitting on a shelf? Save some money this year and gift items that are not opened or used from around your house.

Have a toy swap instead of buying new toys

Parents all around the world agree unanimously that their children have too many toys. If that is the case in your home, why would you want to bring home new ones to add to all the chaos? This year, have the other families bring used toys to let the kids have a toy swap. You can add a bit of fun by wrapping them up or just have them all sitting in the middle of the room to let them pick which ones interest them most.

Make it white elephant Christmas instead

Everyone loves playing the white elephant game during Christmas, so why not make your entire Christmas celebration that way? Make it a fun Christmas tradition! Instead of having people buy gifts, have everybody wrap up something from their house to randomly give away. The crazier, the better. It’s the perfect way to have a ton of fun and save some serious money as well.

Or better yet….try this.

Make this Christmas be about memories instead of gifts

While this isn’t technically repurposing, who says that you can’t make Christmas all about the memories and experiences rather than the gifts and the pressure.

And trust me on this one…it’s not hard to do. If you’re looking for a way that you can have fun this holiday season, put your focus on creating awesome memories for your family and friends instead. Make a homemade dinner, plan a fun staycation for everyone or set up the family room and create an epic movie theater…the options are endless on how you can create an atmosphere for Christmas that focuses on family rather than presents.

frugal Christmas Ideas

Make this Christmas season be the best repurpose Christmas season of all time! There are so many ways that you can still give “gifts” to others without having to spend a dime! Plus, it makes the holiday season a whole lot more fun as well!

What would you add to your family’s repurposed Christmas?

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