If you’ve never embraced the sport of hockey, you’re missing out. What other sport out there is full of action and possibly fighting with every single play? Being a hockey fan is so much fun!

It’s time for you to embrace the sport of hockey! There are so many reasons for why you need to truly consider becoming a hockey fan! Not only are hockey fans loud and proud, but you literally get to be loud and proud during every play of the game!

Becoming a hockey fan is easy and these are the reasons why the sport of hockey needs you to root them on!

Simple Reasons Why You Need to Be a Hockey Fan

To each there own when it comes to hockey, but here are some reasons why the sport of hockey truly rocks.

Their ability is amazing.

Have you seen them skate on the ice? Crazy fast and smooth. (Seriously, my knees hurt just watching them!)

They play an insane amount of games.

Hundreds of games in a season. Hundreds! Talk about true dedication to an amazing sport.

The ambiance in the arena is electric.

Hockey fans are one of a kind. And they love to celebrate with each other. Sitting in the stands of a hockey arena is an experience you’ll never forget!

They’re allowed to rumble!

I’m serious! There are WAY different rules when it comes to playing hockey. Other sports discourage fighting…but hockey? Well, they fight. And a lot. And I’m not talking a little pushing…I’m talking fist flying fighting.

The players give 110% with every single game.

When you’re playing hockey, you have no choice but to give it all. Skating up and down the ice for every single play means that you have to put all your time and energy into making it happen!

Two Words: Stanley Cup.

All hockey teams fight to win the Stanley Cup but there can only be one. The cool thing about the Stanley Cup is that it’s literally the same cup that is used for each and every year.

The teams are engraved on the cup with all the previous winners and it’s an absolute keepsake for the team and the city for the year to showcase their earned win.

Hockey fans are the best.

If you ask any hockey player, they’ll tell you that hockey fans are the best fans. They’re loud, they’re a bit crazy and they’re passionate for their team. All those things combined create the perfect ambiance for teams to draw that energy from the crowd.

If you have a chance to be a hockey fan, do so! It’s certain to give you time to yell, scream, clap, drink, dance, laugh, cry and have every other emotion that happens when the hockey games are being played!

And if you ask me, hockey fans are some of the best fans in professional sports!

Are you a tried and true hockey fan?!

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