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You probably have some in your kitchen right now. Your kids love to drink it, and if you’re totally honest, grown-ups enjoy it now and then, too. Kool-Aid, that is. But did you know there are lots of cool ways to use Kool-Aid besides as a delicious drink? It’s true! From cleaning to cooking to kids activities, we’ve found 15 Kool-Aid hacks every mom should know and try at least once.

15 Kool-Aid Hacks Every Mom Should Know

Kool-Aid Hacks MomsĀ Need to Know

Combine lemonade flavored Kool-Aid with soda to clean your dishwasher. The phosphoric and citric acids help break up the hard water deposits.

use soda to clean your dishwasher

Make dishwasher tablets with lemon-flavored drink mix. It adds an extra boost of cleaning power and a lovely scent.


Scrub away toilet stains. The citric acid is the star here, too. It helps dissolve and break away all that gunk.


Make colorful Kool-Aid play dough for the kids. It smells amazing!


Speaking of the kids, they’ll play with this Kool-Aid slime for ages. And if you have kids that try to taste everything, don’t worry. This is totally taste safe.


Kool-Aid flavored lip gloss makes a wonderful stocking stuffer or gift basket addition. Tweens and teens love it.


Use it to tie dye shirts. It’s super easy! All you need is some vinegar, Kool-Aid packets in various colors, rubber bands and a white shirt.


Get gorgeous, multi-colored yarn on the cheap. This is made using Kool-Aid ice cubes.


You can even dye your hair with Kool-Aid! It’s temporary, so it’s perfect for kids who want to experiment with hair color. It works best on light hair colors, obviously.


Use it to dye Easter eggs. Who knew you could get so many pretty colors and variations?


Scented and colored glue adds another dimension of fun to your kids’ art projects. Simply mix one packet of Kool-Aid per bottle of glue.


If you’re the daring type, make these Koolickles… Kool-Aid soaked pickles. Apparently they’re popular in the Mississippi Delta. If you’ve ever tried these, let us know how they are. I’m so curious!


Use Kool-Aid to dye meringues, frostings and more. The pastel colors are so pretty!


Combine 1 tbsp of water and a Kool-Aid packet to make taste-safe watercolors.


And it never hurts to have a no-bake dessert on hand. This No Bake Kool-Aid Pie is as colorful as it is delicious. Perfect dessert for spring and summer!


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