Let’s make this summer extra fun with these colorful and fun slime recipes for your kids! They will love making the slime but even more, they will love playing with them. I will share a handful of different recipes from saline solution slime to shaving cream slime, and all things in between. Your home will be overflowing with slime, but one thing is for sure, you will have one happy kid as they play away!

Colorful and Over-The-Top Fun Slime Recipes To Test Out

The beauty of slime is there are so many versions of it out there. You can add sprinkles to add color and texture, add in little cutouts of fun shapes, little beads, or make the slime vibrant colors. No matter how you choose to make the slime, it will feel ooey-gooey and intrigue your kid to want to play away.

Must Make Slime Recipes This Summer

Cupid snot slime is pink and extra slimy. This slime is made with glue, contact solution, and baking soda. Kids will love this texture of this slime.

Check out this flubber recipe for kids. Flubber is another name for slime, it is fun to make and that cool squishy texture that you leave you wanting to play for hours.

Check out this how to fix slime troubles article. It is great for sharing what to do if your recipe is too sticky or needs more liquid.

Slime Recipe - Honey Slime - Temecula Blog

Honey slime is gold and shimmery and has little bees inside. Kids love finding little bees throughout the slime as they squeeze and squish away.

Wow, this Harry Potter inspired Pond Slime is something any little kid who loves Harry Potter will love to make. It gives you that hunter green color and filled with fake spiders, frogs and more.

Glow in the dark slime is really fun because when you step into a dark room the slime lights up! I love the idea of having glow in the dark slime.

Slime Recipe - Edible Starburst Slime - Midget Momma

Tons of Fun Slime Recipes

Try out this edible Starburst slime. While your kids play they can grab a nibble here and there and it’s okay! You don’t have to worry if they eat some of it, because you use Starbursts to make.

Since the 4th of July is around the corner I thought this July 4th slime would be fun to make with the kiddos. A patriotic-themed slime.

Shaving cream slime is nice and fluffy and really pretty easy to make. I like this style of a recipe to make. A very affordable slime recipe to try out.

Slime Recipes- Crunchy Slime with Beads-Little Bins for Little Hands

Here is how to make crunchy slime with beads. This is a really neat texture of slime as the beads throughout really make it different and unique compared to other slimes.

Check out this Playdoh Slime recipe. You bring slime and Playdoh together to create the ultimate slime!

Liquid starch slime takes just three ingredients to make. Pick up the items at a craft store online or ship to your home and let the fun begin!

Slime Recipe - LEGO Slime - Lemon Lime Adventures

Check out this LEGO slime, that has fun little LEGO pieces throughout. I love this white slime with the pop of color from the LEGO pieces.

Here is a really fun mermaid slime that doesn’t use Borax. You have three mermaid colored slimes full of glitter that come together to give a fun mermaid theme.

Check out this easy unicorn slime, that little ones will love because of the pretty colors and texture. Best of all 4-ingredients is all you need.


Do you have a preference of a slime recipe?

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