Are you looking for simple picnic ideas for summer? One of the best aspects of summer is being outdoors. There is nothing better than sitting outside in the warmth of the summer sun, basking in those warm summer rays. Do you know what pairs perfectly with summer? Food. And not just any food…it has to be picnic food. So many great memories of childhood stem from packing up the picnic basket and heading out for a day in nature. Why not try to recreate a few of those simple picnic ideas for you and your family? Picnics are so easy to plan for, pack and prepare that it isn’t out of the question to have a picnic a few days every week!

Super Simple Picnic Ideas for Summer Family Outings

 Simple Picnic Ideas

Fruits and Veggies

Load up on the fruit and veggies. The best part about packing up some fruit and veggies for your picnic? They don’t have to remain cold to be enjoyed. Loading up the basket full of healthy options that require no cold packs are a super simple way to pack quickly and easily for a day of outdoor fun.


Beef jerky is a picnic basket’s best friend. Talk about a match made in heaven! If you need some protein throughout your day, beef jerky is the way to go. It’s temperature friendly, it tastes great and it’s super handy to just grab and go.

Freeze Drinks

Freeze your water and drinks beforehand so that they thaw as the day goes on. While those drinks may be rock solid frozen in the morning, a few hours of being out in the warm weather will thaw them out quite nicely. A nice cold refreshing drink after a few hours of summer heat? Yes, please!

Frozen Fruit

Frozen fruit is a refreshing treat! Freeze some fresh strawberries, blueberries or other fruit that you and your family enjoy, and pack them along in your picnic basket. The fruit can be enjoyed throughout the varies phases of it thawing and will be a nice and refreshing way to stay full and hydrated throughout the day.


Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are always a winner! No matter what, what child doesn’t like a good ol’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich? No matter if they are a creamy or a crunchy fun, load up that bread with some peanut goodness and pack a few extras just in case. While the sandwiches are quite filling, they are also a great way to get some much-needed quick doses of protein as well.

Salad Bar

Pack for a salad bar and let everyone make their own. Chop up the salad, the tomatoes, the onions and whatever other salad toppings that your crew may like, and pack it up nice and neat in your picnic basket. When it’s time for a food break, everyone will love being able to create their own salad to compliment their taste buds. Plus, after a long hot day of being outdoors, a light salad always tastes super delicious as well!


Bake cookies the night before to take along on your simple picnic outing. Little tip? Leave out the chocolate unless you don’t mind a bit of mess. While those chocolate chip cookies may be tempting, they more than likely will be a melted mess by the time you get around to gobbling them up. Who knows, maybe you can combat that by eating your dessert first? It is time for summer-time fun after all!


If you want to pack some items that need a bit of coldness, do it! Don’t let the weather limit your picnic plans! Find a cooler that is easy enough to carry, and add in some ice packs to keep your food nice and cold for the day. If you have the option to keep food cold, pack up some lunch meat and cheeses and make some yummy sandwiches for the entire family to enjoy.


Don’t overcomplicate packing for a simple summer picnic! While you may think that you need to pack everything to be prepared, keep it simple! The key is to make certain that you pack enough food for everyone to have, and also have food options for everyone to enjoy. If there are only 2 people going on the picnic, you don’t need to pack 6 sandwiches. While you may be tempted, offset with other little fun snacks like fruits and nuts to have a variance in flavors as well. The simpler you pack, the easier your picnic will be!

If you plan to camp this summer, check out these camping hacks to make it easier when you camp with kids. Lots of amazing ideas to simplify your life.

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Do you have any simple picnic ideas that you want to share? 

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