Life is all about organizing your day to day. Finding ways to use your bullet journal is actually pretty cool when you stop and think about all of the options.

After all, isn’t the whole point of a bullet journal to find a way to organize your life the way that you want to? There’s no real rules or directions when it comes to a bullet journal, so you won’t find an answer sheet or guide on how to make one or how one should be.

If you’re looking for some fun ideas on how to use your bullet journal, here are some ideas that may help you decide on how you can use your bullet journal!

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Super Simple Ways To Use Your Bullet Journal

Here are some super simple ways to use your bullet journal!

  • Say it with a story

Sometimes, our daily lives are like a soap opera and the only way to plan it out is to play it out. Use your bullet journal to do just that! Turn your life into a story that everyone will love to read.

  • Draw your daily plans

Do you love to draw? Then the bullet journal was created with you in mind. Not long ago, bullet journals weren’t even a thing. But now, if you see it, you can draw it and somehow, make it into a daily part of your life.

  • Connect the dots

Did you know that there doesn’t have to be any rhyme or reason to your daily journal? If it makes sense to you, that’s all that matters! Connecting the dots is a fun way to relieve stress each and every day!

  • Give each day a different color

Take color coding to a whole other level and give each and every day their very own color. Feel happy on Mondays? Pink it out! Feeling a little blue on Wednesday? Black it is. Whatever feeling you want, let it show with your color choices.

  • Love puzzles? Puzzles it is!

Finding ways to work your brain is always a great idea. Did you know that with your journal, you can give yourself a brain teaser that’s certain to keep your mind fresh each and every day? Whether it’s a puzzle, a riddle or a joke, challenge yourself to work your brain each and every day.

  • Use each page as a day

Sometimes, thinking of the small spaces that calendars give you to write down everything that you need to do in a day just isn’t enough. But when you get your own journal, you can take up as much room as you’d like! There is literally no wrong way to do your bullet journal whether you want to focus on the day, month or year!

The great thing about bullet journals is that they are blank space that allows tons of creativity to flow. If you are new to the bullet journal world, remember that it is what you make it! You can have it focus on dates, pictures, words, poems or just colors…there’s no wrong way to bullet journal!

How do you like to use your bullet journal?

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