Are you looking for some epic DIY Halloween costumes that you can easily make for yourself or your family this year? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. (and spoiler alert – some of these are costumes from other sites but there are several on this list that are from the One Crazy House team as well!

We’ve gathered up some of the best and most unique Halloween costumes that we could find and are so excited to share them with all of you. Every one of these are simple, affordable and easy to do.

And while some of them might look like they’re geared towards just children or adults, you can easily alter the halloween costume directions to make it fit whatever size of the person who is going to wear it.

Like this SUPER cute and easy costume!! All you need is an older dress, a skin colored shirt, a container for candy, a small backpack (to tape the candy container and “dress body” to, and viola!

That’s the great part about making your own costumes…there really are no limits! The time is now to start prepping and preparing and these homemade Halloween Costumes are certain to be great options.

Ultimate List of DIY Halloween Costumes for All Ages

You’re about to see some of the most fun costumes that there are. It’s going to be super hard for you to narrow it down and pick just one!

Who doesn’t love Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc? With this adorable costume, you’ll be the talk of the town. And you can even add some extra fun to this homemade Halloween costume idea by having the Monsters, Inc. movie playing while you’re watching it.

There’s just something about crafting and creating memories that make Halloween time awesome.

There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home…and the best part about this DIY Dorothy costume from The Wizard of Oz is that you don’t have to deal with the Kansas tornadoes or that evil wicked witch.

Don’t forget the bright red lipstick to go along with those ruby red slippers! And if you have a real life Toto, that can just totally add to the awesomeness of your costume.

Are you a Guardians of the Galaxy Fan? Don’t miss out on these awesome homemade Groot and Rocket Raccoon costumes! Perfect for any boy or girl to live out their favorite characters. There’s no denying that these are probably two of the cutest parts of the movie so why not bring them to life this Halloween? Just get some furry arms and a raccoon hat and you’re all set for Rocket. And for Groot? Check out the details below on how to make the hat!

Photo Credit: Josh Manges

Not only was the entire Groot costume made from foam strips (with black marker lines drawn on) but as you can see, the entire hat is easy to do as well.

Photo Credit: Josh Manges

While there are four in this picture listed below, you can easily do this with a family of 3 as well. And if you have more than four, just make some baby avocados to go along with it as well.

This might just be the best family costume, ever. This DIY Family Avocado Toast is so modern and fun, everyone is certain to ask for your families pictures.

Why not use hair as a main focal point for Halloween? I just love this awesome Ariel from Little Mermaid that is so much fun to create! All you need is a printout of Ariel (that the kids can even color and decorate) and the ability to braid your child’s hair. Once that is done, you can then spray paint with washable red or green spray and stick on Ariel to complete the look!) It’s unique, it’s fun and it’s so simple to do.

What about a big giant bug or alien fighter? Just look how much fun this costume is?! And those big eyes? Made from halved Easter Egg eggs. No joke. Once you have the eyes, the rest is just minor details that you can add on as you go. Just get some black clothing, black padding for the arms and legs and a fake sword and this costume is a done deal.

Photo Credit: Josh Manges

Everyone always wants to be someone for Halloween, but this year? Why not be someTHING instead. Take on the challenge of turning yourself into a Hot Air Balloon this year for Halloween.

This reminds me of the movie “Up”, but I really just adore how unique this costume truly is.

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of magic in our lives…and these DIY dragon wings might be just the answer that you’re looking for!

While I picture this to be on a baby or a younger child, you can easily make this big enough for anyone in your family to wear. Just get a little bit more fabric to make it happen.

Just grab a white shirt and make black spots all over. You can easily create the utters by painting a peach circle on the stomach area of the shirt and cutting out egg carton sections and gluing them individually on the shirt. Then, paint them pink as well. The headbands can be found at any local store and who doesn’t love to have their face painting? So cute. Mooooove over Disney princesses…these cute cows are coming to town.

These costumes are hilarious and fun. They can be wizards from Harry Potter or even just a bunch of grumpy old men. The more wild the wig, the better! And that gray beard? Hilarious.

Make a bet and see just how long they’ll keep those beards on their face before they realize just how itchy they can be…but who knows. When tempted by bucket loads of candy, they just might be in for the long haul.

The Harry Potter costume Halloween trend is never going to go away…and this picture shows why. It’s so much fun to dress up like wizards and so easy to do as well. All you need are some fun scarves and some wands and you’ll be well on your way. Look at this duo…aren’t they awesome?!

Photo Credit: Joel Manges

Speaking of babies, look at this adorable little box of popcorn?! Is there anything cuter than this? Everyone loves popcorn so there’s no denying that this is certain to be a winner. All you need is a bag that you can decorate to look like a movie theater popcorn bag and a white stocking cap that you can glue popcorn kernels on. Just like that, you’ve got the cutest bag of popcorn, ever.

The Nightmare Before Christmas movie has quite the following. This is why dressing up as Sally from the movie might just be the best idea ever.

You can even keep it not “spooky”, by leaving off the stitches from the face. (and if you ask me, it’s actually a really cute and adorable dress!)

Calling all Jedi wannabees! This just might be one of the best quick costumes for kids, ever. (and adults, too!) You literally just need a lightsaber (hello, Wal-Mart) and some brown hooded cloaks. If you’re a sewer, you can easily turn a piece of fabric into this or even an old curtain or tablecloth.

The kids couldn’t be more adorable than dressing up as these DIY owls! They’re a “hoot”, right?!

And who knows, maybe they can even double up as a bath towel after the Halloween festivities are over. You might just find that trying to unwrap your little owl isn’t worth all that hassle and instead they can stay snuggled up in it as long as they want.

Have a little man who’s always wanted to be king? What better time to make that happen than during Halloween?

Make certain to create a tall crown that he can proudly wear on his head!

Here is another great Halloween costume that shows you that you can truly be anything that you want to be. For this homemade costume, you can be the Alice in Wonderland house!

Look at this fun droid costume from Stars Wars? It’s fun and unique and super, duper cool. I just love how you can create some truly awesome Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes. I’m amazed at the creativity of some parents. (not to mention the patience!)

If you’re a Star Wars fan, this needs to be on your radar.

Photo Credit: Tricia Callahan from Once A Month Meals

Who doesn’t love Pete the Cat? It’s your chance to be him!

We’ve got a dozen Pete the Cat books that we love to read so this costume just makes sense. It’s easy and a great way to bring those words to life.

What about some good ol‘ cow costumes for Christmas? But not just any cows…these adorable black and white spotted cows with the cutest utters ever. (can cows be called dalmations?!) I love this look and it’s so simple to duplicate.

Looking to channel your inner superhero? You’re going to love the ease of this Thor Halloween costume.

And while a little boy is pictured wearing it, it can be perfect for a little girl as well! When it’s Halloween time, anyone can be anything that they want!

Looking for a couples costume that is certain to turn heads? These Silent Film Stars might be of few words but their costumes are loud!

You might have to say nothing all night, but you’re certain to be the star of the show.

Have multiple kiddos that you need to get costumes created and ready for? What about this dazzling trio of ideas? The ceiling fan, the flying squirrel and the mathmatician.

As you can see, all are clever, unique and easy to make. And pretty darn “punny” if you ask me!

punny halloween costumes 2
Photo Credit: Crystal, queen of puns, soul-sister to Rachel

Are you obsessed with the TV show Stranger Things like everyone else in the world? Maybe you should just make that be your Halloween custom this year.

Become Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy – All you need is green face paint!

Bring on the face paint! Everyone knows that part of the fun dressing up for Halloween is glopping on piles of facepaint! And do you even really need a theme? This green face is adorable and look at that smile. Went perfect with this nerf gun and black shirt. (and don’t worry mom and dad, the face paint washes off super easy the next day as well!)

Don’t forget about the baby! No one is immune to being dressed up during Halloween time and this DIY Sophie the Giraffe is just about perfect for a little baby!

This family costume for Halloween is epic. The Baby Shark song took over the world not that long ago and now it’s time to wear this costume with pride!

And I’m willing to place a bet that you’re singing this song right now!

Captain America is every little boy’s and man’s dream to dress up as this Halloween. Who says that this costume has to just be for kids?

Why not take it a step further and create an epic family of superheroes?!

If you love Mary Poppins, check out this family Halloween costume idea. You literally just need some old-timey clothes and then allow everyone to roll around in some dirt. Grab some bucket and brooms…and that’s it! Take some time to watch the movie beforehand and enjoy walking around as a family singing “Chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim chim cher-ee”. Sounds like the perfect family Halloween costume to me.

Photo Credit: Irvin family (friends of Rachel)

Love eating chocolate? Why not become a bit of chocolate this Halloween instead? You can whip up this homemade M&M costume in no time at all.

Certain to not melt in your hands, but definitely will cause your heart to melt!

I’m a bit obsessed with this Halloween costume. Who wouldn’t want to be Mario from the Mario Brothers?!

This Halloween costume is perfect, especially if the temperatures happen to be a little bit cooler.

I think we can all agree that minions are adorable. But this family costume from Despicable Me? Totally perfect. I love how mom and dad really got in on the fun as well and dressed up their own little minions to play the part, too.

Photo Credit: Sulheejessica

Are you a fan of Doctor Who? You won’t want to miss out on this 13th Doctor costume!

Simple and easy to make and even easier to identify. I know a ton of Doctor Who fans who I can’t wait to share this with.

Did you used to play with the Jack in the Box toy growing up? What about making a real-life one this Halloween? All you need is a cardboard box, a little creativity, and a willing child to dress up and hide inside. Can you imagine the looks on all the faces on Halloween as he or she keeps popping in and out of the box?

Photo Credit: Jen Smith

Everyone loves Spiderman and Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas so this winning duo has to happen. There are so many ways that you can collect what you need for these costumes to happen just by searching online or heading to a local store. I’m a bit obsessed with them standing side by side for this awesome photo.

And just in case you needed another choice for a baby costume, this stacking baby toy costume is just the cutest.

All you need is a once and a little bit of painting skills. And a baby that will stand still long enough to be upright to show off their onsie…

So, what do you say? It’s so hard to narrow it down to just one, right? But I think we can all agree that these homemade DIY Halloween costumes are perfectly awesome in every single way.

If you had to pick, what would you choose to be your DIY Halloween costume this year?!

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