If you’re looking for some quick, easy, AND finger-licking good backyard BBQ ideas for this 4th of July, you’re in luck! I have all the tips you need to make this 4th of July BBQ your best one yet.

Sparkler being held at 4th of July party

One of the most fun (and loudest!) holidays of the year is quickly approaching!

If you love everything stars and stripes with the colors red, white, and blue shining through, then you’re also more then likely super excited about any upcoming backyard BBQs as well. Trust me, I don’t blame you at all!

4th of July is such an amazing holiday, as family and friends come together to celebrate freedom. Nothing is better than that!

Super Simple Backyard BBQ Ideas For 4th Of July

If you are thinking that this year is your year to shine and host the most spectacular 4th of July backyard BBQ, then you’ve got a bit of planning and prep work to do.

Have no fear, here are some epic backyard BBQ ideas; everything from the theme to food and even some activities!

1. Red White and Blue Theme

Let the holiday be the theme. Don’t overcomplicate the BBQ.

Having a party with a red, white, and blue theme are the three colors that do a great job of representing the 4th of July holiday. If your guests want to add a few stars and stripes as well, let them go for it!

2. Rely on the Traditional Basics for Food

Patriotic food staples are a MUST. What kind of 4th of July backyard BBQ be complete without hotdogs and hamburgers?

Those two items are first on your shopping list. Period. Go all out with the toppings that you offer for your burgers and dogs, and let each person doctor them up to their liking.

Food is a must, and you will find different types of condiment concoctions that one can put on their hot dog!

3. Keep Everyone Cool with Sprinklers & Hot with Sparklers

Don’t forget to purchase the star of the BBQ- the sprinklers and sparklers.

When it is hot outside, a water sprinkler for the kids to run about and have fun in and a firework sparkler for everyone to have and wave around.

Sparklers can be dangerous, remember what you are dealing with fire and fireworks! And keep in mind that if the bugs are “bugging” you a bit, the smoke from your sparkler is a good way to deter them away from you and your skin.

4. Keep it Simple

Keep it simple. The beauty of having a 4th of July backyard BBQ is that it is simple, easy, and FUN. The more that you feel like you need to plan and have everything perfect, the more that you are missing the point.



This has to be the best backyard BBQ idea to date: Have everyone invited BYOB. Let’s be honest… the real cost of any type of event or get together comes from supplying all the drinks for everyone in attendance.

This year? Tell guests you will supply the food and they can bring drinks. Guests bringing their own drinks will save lots of money.

6. More Water Fun for Your Backyard Party

During this part of the year, the temperatures can be hot! Have some fun water balloon stations and sprinklers set up in the yard for kids and adults to play with if they want!

You can even set up a fun water obstacle course for everyone to take part in as well.

7. Host an Outdoor Movie

If people are still wanting to hang out after the fireworks are done, have an outdoor projector and screen set up for them to do so. They’ll be able to watch a movie under the stars and just relax the rest of the evening away!

8. Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks!

End the night with a bang! Depending on your budget and your love of fireworks, plan on ending your BBQ with a fireworks show for everyone who made it.

It’s the universal sign that the party is over, plus it’s a tradition to shoot off fireworks on the 4th of July!

You absolutely cannot break tradition… unless it’s illegal to shoot off fireworks in your town or your state. That’s a whole other issue. And if that’s the case- Just google some fun fireworks being shot off around the world and have them projected onto an outdoor screen for everyone to watch.

You can also sub out the sparklers for some glow sticks. Just an idea!

Backyard BBQ Ideas: Plan The Best 4th Of July Party

Being the host of a 4th of July backyard BBQ is actually a ton of fun. You set the theme, you decide the menu, you host the activities, and you choose the fireworks…whew! Pretty awesome, right? It sounds like an amazing way to celebrate the 4th of July.

Here are a couple of more idea to make your BBQ a success:

One of the most fun holidays of the year is quickly approaching! If you love everything stars and strips, then you're going to love these BBQ ideas! #BBQ #4THOFJULY #fireworks #onecrazyhouse

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