If you’ve jumped on the bandwagon and are love to use your bullet journal daily, welcome to the land of everyone else as well. Millions of people love to use their bullet journal and doing so helps to create an organized and less chaotic life for them and those around them.

The purpose of the bullet journal is simple…to use it and find a way to declutter your life and brain. Think of it like a spring cleaning tool for yourself. It’s simple to use, fun to decorate and can literally be full of anything and everything you want. If you like to imagine and be creative, the use of your bullet journal daily may be perfect for you.

BUT…did you know that there are other mind-blowing ways that you can use your bullet journal as well? So much more than just a planner, here are some interesting ways to expand the use of your bullet journal!

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Mind-Blowing Ways To Use Your Bullet Journal Daily

Break out of your bullet journal routine and give these varying uses a try!

  • Track your weekly grocery budget

Do you want to know how much money you’re spending on groceries? Your handy dandy bullet journal can answer that question with ease.

  • Manually log your steps

Like the idea of having your phone or watch track your step but find that you react better to things being written down? Log those steps daily in your bullet journal. Simple and easy to do!

  • Write down something amazing about yourself each and every day

That’s right. Every day wake up and write down something that you love about yourself in your bullet journal. Each and every day. No exceptions.

  • Play yourself in a game of connect the dots

Did you now that you can create your own connect the dots pic that you can then solve? All you need is a bit of blank space and the ability to make dots. Then, when you have some time to burn rather than turning on your cell phone, you can open your bullet journal and connect away.

  • Make origami shapes and animals

Who says that the pages in your bullet journal actually have to stay in your bullet journal? When you own the rights to the pages in your journal, you can literally do anything that you want with them! If you want to tear out a few pages and make origami shapes and animals, you can absolutely do that.

  • Write a letter to your future self

This can be your future self in a week, a month or even a year – but talk to yourself in a way that supports your future wants and goals. Not only is this fun and unique, but it’s also a great time capsule keepsake to look back on someday.

  • Create recipes to make later

If you love to cook, why not create recipes that you can then make later? Write out your ingredients, the steps and do your best to be as detailed as possible. That way, when you get home, you can get to creating in the kitchen!

These are just some of the mind-blowing ideas on how you can use your bullet journal daily!

What are some ideas that you have for your bullet journal?

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