One of my new favorite things is painter’s tape. There are so many creative and simple ways to use painter’s tape around the house. We love it because it sticks to a multitude of surfaces and yet it comes off cleanly when you’re through. Plus, it’s pretty cheap!

17 Simple Hacks Using Painter's Tape

Ways to Use Painter’s Tape

  • Make big notes on the wall with strips of tape
  • Label boxes while moving or organizing
  • Close up chip bags

Painter's Tape Uses - Close Chip Bags

  • Pick up pet hair off clothes or furniture
  • Mark old nail holes that need to be filled in on the walls
  • Label kid’s cups

Hacks Using Painter's Tape

  • Hold down party tablecloths
  • Keep art paper down on table
  • Cover hotel outlets when traveling with little ones

Use painter's tape to childproof outlets.

  • Keep notes and reminders up on the wall
  • Write notes directly on the tape and stick to the mirror so you see it in the morning
  • Use as a visual divider at the dinner table to keep little ones on “their side” of the table.

Useful Hacks Using Painter's Tape

  • Mark off the dimensions of furniture you want to purchase on the floor to see how big that new couch *really* is in your home.
  • Make a loop with the sticky side out and put it on the counter to keep small screws from rolling away while fixing a toy or other project

Painter's Tape Uses - Nail Art

  • Use to create a perfect French tip manicure at home
  • Label shelves in the pantry
  • Use behind pictures that slide down their frames

Ways to Use Painter's Tape

While there are many other ways to use painter’s tape, these are some of our favorite ways to use it. I hope I have inspired you to look at this once uni-task item in a whole new light!

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