Today I thought it would be fun to jump inside a holiday tale.

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It was Christmas Eve and the North Pole was several hours in the rear view mirror. The air was unusually chilly and the stars seemed a little more distant than in Christmases past. The sleigh was between continents in an arced path toward the Americas.

Santa had just settled down in his seat after completing the latest flight checklist. The reindeer were all flying at optimal speed. The proper bags of gifts were in an organized line for dispersement. The list was on his lap. He had checked it twice.

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His mind wandered back to a conversation he had earlier with his dear Mrs. Claus. She had expressed apprehension about his journey that night. Her worries included the weather, the cold, the flight plan, the reindeer and most of all, him. She knew it was an intense journey for one man and a sleigh.

He smiled at her concern. Part of the fun of Christmas Eve was arriving back at his own home on Christmas morning to Mrs. Claus’ famous pancake breakfast with all the elves. Oh those pancakes! He could taste them already…

Well, he wished he could! A twinge of hunger made itself known again. He had learned from previous pilgrimages that eating cookies across the world was not a good plan for feeling good into a new year. He wished he had brought a snack and mentally added that to the list for next year.

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He sat back and rested his hands on his belly. As the sleigh glided, he noticed that there was something under his right arm in his pocket. A puzzled expression and a curious gloved hand went to investigate.

He pulled out a ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple bar that Mrs. Claus had hidden in his pocket as a surprise. His head tilted back and he laughed a deep, Santa laugh. How well she knew him!

He tore open the Peppermint Bark bar wrapping and eagerly started to munch. The festive taste made the stars seem closer and the air more comfortable. But best of all, he knew that with 10% protein, he would feel full until he arrived back home for pancakes.

ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple bars are full of protein to keep you full of energy and to help you stay on track during the holiday season.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Perfectly Simple Santa

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A huge thanks to ZonePerfect for sponsoring One Crazy House. All opinions (and tall tales) expressed are my own.

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