If you live in an area where you have a mild winter, you can get away with having a beautiful winter garden! With the cooler weather, you don’t have worry as much about insects or pests like you do in the hotter months! I am going to share some winter gardening tips, for those who want to give winter gardening a go!
Even if you live in a region where you do get some snow and colder days, you can always plant items that can withstand the colder weather, or place them in pots and bring them in at night. This is fun to do for your front door to add a pop of color in the winter months! Also, check out these awesome gardening tips that may change the way you garden!

Secrets to Having a Green Thumb Winter Garden Tips


Grow a Winter Garden with These Winter Gardening Tips

Vegetable Garden

If you live in a more mild region like stated above you can try your hand at a winter vegetable garden. Think items like cabbage, parsnips, beets, leeks, turnips, spinach, cauliflower, etc. These items can withstand the colder weather, but still, protect them if a hard freeze is in the forecast. You can always put a tarp or blanket over the plants to try and protect them or even grow these items in a greenhouse. Root vegetables can be harvested pretty late into winter if they are protected well with heavy mulch.

Indoor Garden

Try your hand at an indoor garden during the winter months. You can tend to gentle flowers indoors and still enjoy the beautiful blooms. Flowers like white jasmine, orchids, narcissus, and more are great for the cooler season. Or create your own herb garden along with some salad greens. Then just trim them as needed when you are wanting to create a dish. Basil, parsley, mint, chives, are all great for growing indoors. Just have a warmer spot that gets good sun. Make sure you let them dry out a bit before you add more water.

Container Garden

Winter Gardening Tips - Containers

Plant some frost tolerant flowers to help add some color in the colder months. You can protect the plants by setting them out on your front porch on warmer days and just bring them indoors when night comes or it is really cold outside. This can be a fun way to decorate outdoors, and not give up gardening all winter long.

Continue Watering Plants

Make sure that even though it is winter you are still watering your plants. A lot of people think that they can leave their beds to sit, but you need to keep watering them. If you are getting lots of snow, you should be okay. But if it has been dry, make sure to give them some water. Just drain the hose when done so it doesn’t freeze and break.

Frost Protection

Winter Gardening Tips - Protection from Frost

Protecting plants when temperatures drop is important. Cover your shrubs, flowers, and smaller trees to prevent frost damage. To keep your garden happy, add extra mulch to cover beds to keep roots warm.

Landscaping Design

In the winter months, you will find it a great time to plant and take inventory of the plants you have in your beds. Say you want a change, you can begin to research new design ideas to see what plants and greens will pair nicely, and you can create a landscape layout for Spring! This is a wonderful time to prepare for the next season! You can find so many great gardening design ideas on Pinterest.

Have you ever tried gardening in the winter? Do you have any winter gardening tips to share?

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