Feel like your flowers or house plants are looking a little “blah”? Jazz them up with some fabulous DIY flower pots and diy planters. These are the perfect ‘pick me up’ transformation creative ideas to brighten your day or add to your gardening obsession. After all, who couldn’t use just a few more plants on your shelves? You’re sure to get inspired by the gorgeous options that we’ve found!

Popsicle stick flower pots,

I don’t know about you, but I find a terra cotta pot to be so boring! And I never find any of the more decorative clay pots to suit my style either — they’re either too ornate or just use a combination of colors or patterns that I don’t like. So, I thought, why not try to make one myself? That’s why I started my search for some DIY flower pots and I found so many great ideas and easy tutorials!

I’m not the best with power tools or complicated DIYs, but I think that even I can pull most of these off. So if I can, I know you can. Hope you find a project that you love! And if you’re looking for more gardening tips, don’t miss 21 Tricks That Will Change the Way You Garden.

DIY Flower Pots You’ll Love Looking At

1. Tin Can Flower Pots

For a super frugal option, spray paint cans to make gorgeous painted tin can flower pots. I think these plant pots are perfect for a small Kalanchoe plant and or plant babies. I love the contrasting black strip at the top and bottom.

Here are a few tips:

  • Use cans that have an easy-open lid so there are fewer rough edges.
  • Use some metal sandpaper to sand off any glue.
  • Choose the right size can for the right size pot Unless you choose to plant the plant directly into the can in which case you will want to put some gravel at the bottom to help with drainage.

Don’t these DIY Flower Pots filled with flowering plants just give you that warm, spring feeling?

Gold spray painted cans for flower pots

2. Popsicle Stick Flower Pots

As an alternative to painting the tin cans, surround them with pretty painted craft sticks to make these popsicle stick flower pots. We’ve all made dozens of things with popsicle sticks, but this one is so simple and so useful! Wouldn’t this be a lovely table-setting decoration for a Mother’s Day brunch?

You can make your own colorful pattern or use one color or even paint them white! Tie with a matching ribbon or just use jute. And the best part, you don’t even need to use glue!

Just add some gravel at the bottom for drainage, some soil, and some lovely pansies!

Coloured crafts sticks on tin can for flower pot

3. Fancy Shoe Flower Pot

For the girly girl, try turning one of your fabulous heels into a shoe flower pot for your succulents. Why not go to your grandma’s closet to find a pair of her old vintage high heels and then repurpose it into a flower pot and re-gift it back to her!

A little spray gold paint will go a long way to making this lovely gift. You might want to glue some small rocks inside the shoe in order to keep the soil from sliding down. Sparkle some soil and choose a variety of succulents to make a lovely greenery planter!

Be gentle with this planter until the roots become established.

Fancy Shoe Flower Container

4. Faux Galvanized Planter

These faux galvanized terracotta pots are amazing! And a stack of them is a lovely addition to any patio. I would never have guessed that they were made with cheap plastic buckets.

You’ll need some silver metallic spray paint, a 1″ PVC pipe to help with the stacking, a drill or utility knife, and some diy concrete planters to give some stability to the bottom pot.

Start with the bottom planter, slide the pole through the first two pots, then fill with soil and flowers. then add the next pots, one at a time. The trailing annuals look so colorful and so beautiful in this faux galvanized planter!

Stacking Faux Galvanized Flower Pots

5. Fish Bowl Cement Planter

Can you believe this cement planter was made with a fishbowl and glass cylinder? It’s absolutely gorgeous! This project does take a bit of work, but so worth it! Isn’t it crazy to think this is made with only glass containers, concrete, some white paint, and sharpies?

The tricky part is breaking the glass once the cement is dry. Eye protection is recommended!

And then decorate as you wish. I love the geometric shape on this one, don’t you? Magic!

Ceramic planter with fish bowl cylinder

6. Fabric-Covered Flowerpots

This crafty blogger used both interior and exterior fabric to create beautiful fabric flower pots for her indoor plants on her front porch.

It’s a lovely touch to have complimentary colored flower pots to match your decor. Of course, even with exterior fabric, they’re not completely waterproof, just water-resistant. You will want to water very carefully or take the plant out before you water and give it a chance to drain.

Fabric Flower Pots

7. Drip Paint Planters

Repurpose and paint old containers to create these trendy drip paint planters. Love the bright colors and the drippy effect! Yes, it will make a mess and you will need some trial and error in order to figure out how thick you want the paint.

Succulent plants put the finishing touch on these DIY flower pots!

Drip paint planters
Drip Paint Planters from Lines Across

8. Hanging Colander Planter

Here’s practical and beauty joined in one! Convert a colander into a brightly colored planter for your hanging plants.

You will need potting soil, flowers, plants or a few herbs, coffee filters, chain, and flower pot hooks. The coffee filters help hold the soil in the colander so you don’t have soil all over your patio.

You can purchase any colander and spray paint it to match your flowers. What a lovely summer addition to your backyard.

Pink Colander hanging planter

9. Square Succulent Planters

I love the modern look of these square succulent planters. This DIY project will make a lovely addition to your kitchen. So simple and so clean-looking.

Use assorted sizes of waxed cartons, cut down to the desired size. Choose a smaller-sized carton for the inside. Rub cooking oil lightly on the inside of the larger container, and outside of the inside container. Mix cement 4 parts to 1 water and pour to create the walls of the planter. Once they are completely dry, you can use white spray paint to add protection.

And, I think the chalkboard signs are the perfect final touch!

square succulent planters

10. Fabric Twine Flower Pots

This fabric twine flower pot is one of my favorites! It’s so unique. It’s made from long strips of fabric braided into twine and then coiled and sewn together with leather string to form around a flower pot. The green trailing plant suits this fabric pot so beautifully and complements the bright colors perfectly!

TIP: Make sure you have a secondary pot inside to catch the water.

Fabric Twine Flower Pot

11. Paint Can Flower Pots

Old Paint can flower pots are surprisingly charming when you add a bit of burlap, ribbon, and twine to them. So simple and yet so attractive.

Paint can flower pots
Image courtesy of the Thankful House

12. Rustic Twig Flower Pot

Wrap a detergent container in burlap and sticks to make this rustic twig flower pot. It’s easy and fun to create. Find some small sticks, similar in size, lay them flat, and tie them together one at a time. Then wrap around burlap covered container. Perfect for young children to help create and gift to their grandma or aunt!

Twig flower pot

13. Rain Boots Planters

Turn an old pair of rain boots into planters. This would be really sweet with your kids’ old boots that they’ve outgrown. It might take a bit of convincing for your child to agree, but so fun! Don’t forget to put some rocks or gravel in the bottom for water drainage.

Rain boot planters
Image Courtesy of The Kitten House

14. Clothespin Flower Pot

An old tuna can and clothespins were used to create this picket fence flower pot look. This is a perfect craft idea for a kid’s summer party. So easy! Collect and clean out some tuna cans, grab some clothespins and clip them around the tuna can until it’s covered! You can put a small flower pot right inside the tuna can. So fun!

Clothespin flower pot

15. Rock Covered Flower Pot

Who knew that a rock-covered bucket could be so beautiful? This pot will take some work but so worth it! You will need a strong metal can, some river rock mesh tiles, thin-set mortar, and grout. The rocky look makes this a lovely focal piece for your garden.

Rock covered bucket flower pot

16. Flower Pot Chandelier

For a truly unique piece of outdoor decor, create one of these planter chandeliers. That pink really pops! First, source an old chandelier from a thrift store, remove the wires. Next, glue on terra cotta saucers using epoxy glue and do the same with the flower pots. then spray paint and fill will soil and plants. What a great recycling project!

planter chandelier

Enjoying gardening planters makes every day a great day!

If you’re like me, you can’t ever have enough flowers in your garden or in your home. And yes, it makes me giddy to think of more projects that I could make.

collage of flower pots, gold, twig, fabric and chandelier

More DIY Flower Pots From One Crazy House:

Which of these diy flower pots snatched your creative heart out? Let us know in the comments!

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