When it comes to decorating for Christmas, can one ever really have too many ornaments? If you take a look at our tree, you’re going to know the answer in our house. Covered in farmhouse ornaments is the only way to be.

And as it stands, we just plan on adding more every year. This is because things break, the kids lose them, the cat pulls them off the tree or we just decide we don’t like some and need new ones. All pretty legit, right?

If you’re needing some new homemade ornaments to place on your tree, here are some awesome DIY ideas that are certain to look great. It’s time to turn your Christmas tree into a farmhouse Christmas tree.

Just know that these are all pretty freakin’ adorable. And so simple to make. If you have a day that you can sit down and get some crafting done, you can easily knock out a majority of these on the list.

These Rustic Wood Slice Ornaments just make you want to fun out and play in a field of snow. And while they might look complicated, they’re not. This is what makes them awesome. Everyone will ask where you got them and you can reply that you made them and watch their face look shocked.

Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments can really make your true look amazing. See how these just give that rustic and cozy feel? All you need is a real live Christmas tree and a firehouse, and you’re all set.

Don’t forget to do these Cute Farmhouse Ornaments. Another easy project that literally anyone in the house can help with.

Pine Cone Angel Ornaments are totally kid-friendly and totally cute. These are adorable to stick around the Christmas tree or to even have placed strategically on mantles or shelves throughout the house.

Buffalo Plaid Ornaments are always a hit! There’s something about that plaid look that just screams Christmas.

If you love chickens, check this out. Farmhouse Style Chicken Ornament. It’s elegant but adorable at the same time. You can either leave it white or paint it to give it a little pop of color. My kiddos like to play with these once we make them so it’s a double win!

Colored Salt Ornaments are too much fun. Make certain to build them outside as they can get a bit messy. But the outcome? Totally Christmas worthy. These are too cute to pass up.

This Mini Pine Cone Kissing Ball Ornament just might steal the show. It’s so unique looking that it will definitely be an eye-catcher for anyone who is looking at our tree.

Just when you thought you didn’t have a use for your old CD’s anymore, this Chalkboard Paint CD Ornaments is born. I could probably decorate my entire Christmas tree with just these ornaments from my teenager years past!

Pom Pom Christmas Ornaments are so much fun! They’re like little fur balls hanging from your tree. Just be aware that these are a huge cat magnet for them to play with! (and who knows, you might also be able to make these into a fun cat toy?!)

Mason Jar Lid Wreath Ornaments are another super simple way that you can use up something that you might not have any other use for. It’s a way to have a repurposed Christmas, without ever really even trying.

This Vintage Santa Ornament is EVERYTHING. It’s like a throwback to the good old days of Christmas with Santa staring right into your soul trying to decide if you’ve been naught or nice. This is one of my favorites to make!

They key to making awesome farmhouse ornaments is to know that you can be as creative as you want. Use colors that will go with your home decor, decorate the room in a way that has a fun nostalgia about it, and don’t put a limit on the number of ornaments that you’re going to hang from your tree!

The more Christmas ornaments that you can hang, the better. Weigh that sucker down with holiday cheer!

Do you have any fun farmhouse Christmas ornaments that you’re excited to make and hang on your Christmas tree?

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