Can we just take a second while I pat myself on the back over the clever title of this post…magical?!?! Do you see what I did there? Of course, you do! Here are the most magical Harry Potter toys!

Take a step into the wizarding world of magic, wizard, and witches! You’ll find yourself sitting in the Great hall waiting to be sorted by the Sorting Hat…but let me snap out of that image for a bit. This Harry Potter collection of toys will surely delight every Potterhead in the world! Ready to dig in?

Here are the best Harry Potter toys Harry Potter fans will surely fall in love with!

Do you have a Harry Potter fan on your gift list? Here are the most magical Harry Potter toys, from interactive to memorabilia.

Magical Harry Potter Toys

1. Harry Potter Clue Board Game

This is SO cool! Even the moving board is magical! Play Clue with a whole new Harry Potter twist! The whole family will have a great time!

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

2. Dress Up Trunk

Who doesn’t want to dress up as a Hogwarts student? Become Hermione, Luna Lovegood, Ron Weasley, or even spend time in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom! This cute dress up trunk will have the kids playing for hours!

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

3. Wizarding Chess

Seriously? Is this not the coolest chess game ever? (Even cooler than having your favorite characters action figures, I reckon!) You will be transported into the world of Harry Potter every time you play!

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

4. Hogwarts School Playset

This Harry Potter-themed toys is one of the best! I kind of want to play with this myself, I may not even let my kids play with it! I kid, of course, my kids will get hours of play out of this super fun Hogwarts replica!

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

5. Illuminating Wand

Expelliarmus! Need I say more? Ah, these toy wands will get your kids spinning!

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

6. Quidditch Harry Potter Vinyl Figurine

My kids are obsessed with these little vinyl figurines! So obviously we are going to need all of the Harry Potter characters!

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

7. World of Harry Potter Puzzle

I still love sitting down and doing a puzzle. It is such a fun activity to do with the kids! Isn’t this one of your favorite scenes in the movie? All the possibilities are right in front of them.

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

8. LEGO Freeing Dobby

Best scene ever! Go free Dobby, go free!

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

9. Magical Places Coloring Book

Of course, Harry Potter has gotten in on the coloring book craze. I won’t lie I am totally into it since it combines two of my favorite things.

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

10. Hogwarts Express Train Car and Ron Weasley

Hogwarts Express, so fun! You can get this train with any of the characters. But why not get one of each and put the whole train together.

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

11. Mystery at Hogwarts Game

I love a board game, and add Harry Potter on top of that and I am in hog heaven!

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

12. Fluffy the Three Headed Dog

Three heads to snuggle! Love this cute stuffed dog!

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

13. Trivial Pursuit

Do you know your HP trivia?? Test yourself and your friends with this game.

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

14. Triple Decker Knight Bus

Some of the coolest scenes in the movie take place on this bus! Get one for yourself.
15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

15. Artefact Box

This box kit has a lot of cool memorabilia! Again you can get one for lots of different characters! It’s like storytelling the movies and books over again! Who is your favorite?

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

15 Magical Harry Potter Toys |

Which Harry Potter-themed toy is you favorite one?

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