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Searching for some presents for dad to gove to him on Father’s Day? Well, search no more! These 15 mason jar gift ideas will surprise and thrill any dad.

Mason jar presents for Dad for father's day

How amazing is your dad? He has helped you through problems, taught you how to ride your bike, patched up skinned knees, embarrassed you with his silly jokes, and more.

I don’t know about you, but trying to come up with great presents for dad on Father’s Day is always a huge challenge!

He always says he “doesn’t want anything” and the truth is that he would just go out and buy whatever he wants or needs.

Whenever I find myself feeling stumped about gifts, I try to turn to DIY gift ideas. DIY gifts are unique and special, which makes them even more meaningful to the person you give them to! 

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re probably looking for a couple of easy but thoughtful DIY gifts that he’ll actually use and love. If you also find it hard to find good gifts for dad, we’ve found 15 great homemade ideas that you can fit in a mason jar! 

Terrific Presents For Dad: Mason Jar Gifts for Dad

Whether the dad in your life is a sports fan, a serious foodie, or a guy who loves spending quality time with his family, one of these Father’s Day mason jar gifts will for sure be a winner!

Mason Jar Bank | Mainly Homemade

Every guy needs a stash of cash to use for the little things he wants to splurge on here and there. Make this adorable mason jar piggy bank with a mustache drawn on it!

It’s a cute and practical idea that Dad will enjoy for years to come and think of you every time he sees it.

2 Painted mason jar bank jars

“We’re Nuts About You, Dad” Jar | Cincy Shopper

Dads work hard for their families! Give dad a snack jar to keep on hand at work. This “We’re Nuts About You, Dad” jar is such a great idea.

Fill it with his favorite nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews, etc.) for a healthy and delicious snack.

mason jar filled with nuts with a label that says "we are nuts about you Dad"

“World’s Greatest Pop” Jar | The Gunny Sack

The “World’s Greatest Pop” jar is filled with pop-themed goodies like soda, pop rocks, push pops, ring pops, and more. Any guy with a sweet tooth will appreciate this gift, and he just may laugh at the pun, too!

mason jar filled with "pop" themed items and a label that says "The World's Greatest Pop"

“Love You to Pieces, Dada!” | Mom Envy

My husband’s favorite candy is Reese’s Pieces, so I had to include this idea in the list.

It’s a jar gift idea with a free printable label that reads, “Love you to pieces, Dada!” How sweet and adorable (literally!)

mason jar filled with Reeces Pieces and a label that says "Love you to pieces, Dada"

Handprint Jar | Fun A Day

Every dad needs a place to stash his loose change, random loose screws, and more. A cute handprint jar is a perfect container to keep odds and ends where dad can easily find them. 

Bonus: Using kids’ handprints on the jar is a cute and fun way to keep them close to Dad’s heart when he has to be away.

Mason jar painted green with a white painted handprint

Spicy Chipotle BBQ Sauce | Giggles Galore

For those dads who love to barbecue, this barbecue sauce jar gift (that reads “Dad, you’re 100% awesomesauce”) can’t miss! There are even free printable labels that you can download to put on the jar.

We think our dad is pretty awesome – isn’t the phrase for the jars perfect?

mason jar filled with spicy chipotle BBQ sauce with a brush and a tag that says "Dad You're 100% Awesomesauce"

BBQ Rub | The Country Chic Cottage

And, he’ll need a jar of BBQ rub to go along with the sauce.

Barbeque just isn’t quite as good without a robust rub to flavor the meat. This recipe is a quick and easy one to make, but dad will enjoy it for quite a while.

2 mini mason jars: one filled with BBQ rub and one jar on its side with rub spilling out

Daddy Days” Daddy Date Jar | While He was Napping

This is one of my favorite presents for dad!

For the dad who thrives on quality time with his kids, give him this “Daddy Date” jar. It’s filled with father-son date ideas, but you can easily create some prompts for father-daughter or father-and-all-the-kids.

Mason jar lying sideways with a label that says "Daddy Days" and folded cards with adventure ideas written on them

Building Memories with Dad Jar | The Seasoned Mom

Building memories with dad is what it’s all about, right? Here’s another idea that appeals to dads who quality time spent making memories with his family. This lego jar gift idea continues the tradition of making memories.

How clever!

mason jar lying on its side with legos spilling out and a tag that says "Building memories with Dad"

Tee-Rific Golf Ball Jar | My Frugal Adventures

For the golf enthusiast, try this “You are tee-rific” golf ball jar gift. I love the creativity of this one – it’s adorable AND practical!

A wonderful idea for dad or grandpa!

Mason jar filled with golf balls and a golf flag label that says "You are a Tee-Rific Grandpa! Happy Father's Day"

“Play Ball” Mason Jar Gift | Mad in Crafts

Grab a ball mason jar to create this amazing “Play Ball” mason jar gift. Add tickets to see Dad’s favorite team inside along with a nice team t-shirt perhaps.

For the sports lover, this mason jar gift idea will go down as one of the best presents for dad.

mason jar painted like a baseball with sporting event tickets poking out of the top of the jar

Cleans Up Well Jar Gift | The Gunny Sack

Dads need pampering too! This “Cleans Up Well” jar gift is perfect for that man in your life for any holiday.

mason jar filled with cleaning and shaving supplies and a label that says "cleans up well"

Superhero-Themed Jar Gifts | Sandy Toes and Popsicles

Superhero fans will go nuts for these superhero-themed jar gifts. Add something that goes along with the theme for each superhero or just add a different yummy snack to each one.

crate of 12 mason jars with super hero labels on each lid

DIY Mason Jar Gel Air Fresheners | Shaken Together Life

For the guy who takes pride in a super clean and fresh car, a jar air freshener for the car would be most appreciated it.

mason jar with label that says "purification air freshener"

Mason Jar Matchbox | It All Started With Paint

And finally, a mason jar matchbox is a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts. Pack it with your camping gear so you’ll know that you always have what you need to start a fire!

mason jar rilled with matches and a label that says "Mason jar matchbox"

I hope the 15 ideas of good gifts of dad on this list spurred your imagination so that you are ready to make one of these or some other homemade mason jar gift for your dad this year!

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