Nothing beats Amazon hacks! Think back to your days of college. Money was more than likely a little tight but you were still wanting to find a way to enjoy many of the things you’re used to. Sounds about right, right? College kids these days are lucky because there are so many great ways that they can get the products and items that they love, all with little to no money. In fact, these Amazon hacks will show you just how easy it is for college kids to score a discount on the items that they want and love to buy. If you’re a college student, you’re in luck because there are some hacks that you’re gonna want to remember!college amazon hacks

Amazon Hacks You Need To Know For College Kids

These Amazon Hacks will work great for any college student!

  • College students can get Amazon Prime for literally half the cost! All you need for a Student Prime membership is a .edu email. In most colleges, this means you do not need to be a full-time college student to qualify but just have a valid student school email. Talk about a great way to get Amazon Prime for less!
  • College students qualify for free prime for 6 Months and after that their membership is 50% off! Again, being a college student definitely has its perks!
  • Thanks to a partnership with WellsFargo, Amazon is offering members of it’s Amazon Student Prime a discount on school loans with WellsFargo. Say what?! College kids can get a 0.05% interest rate discount on qualifying loans. (This can change so always do your research and verify!)
  • Why keep those old text books when you can sell them on Amazon Prime for some extra money? In addition to books, you can sell phones and other items as well.
  • Always verify that the item you want to buy isn’t being sold somewhere else by a third party. If it is, it may be cheaper to buy from the third party than directly from Amazon! Just because something shows that it’s “Prime“, that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s the best deal out there.
  • Take advantage of Prime days where deals are cheaper. If you don’t have a need for something right away, take your time and watch to see if the product is going to get any cheaper. There are many times that items will go cheaper during big sale events.
  • Add items to your wishlist to stay on top of the deals. The wishlist on Amazon can offer a ton of advantages because it allows you to keep an item in a certain place that you can then watch or be notified if the price changes. There’s no commitment to have to buy the items, but it’s just an easier way to see when the prices decrease.

Being a college kid definitely has its benefits! Just by trying a few of these simple Amazon hacks, you can save a ton of money! With all your big tuition bills, saving money here and it is so nice!

Take advantage of being a student with these great Amazon Hacks! Saving money has never been more simple than with these suggestions on how to make saving money become a reality!amazon hack

Do you know any other Amazon hacks for college students?


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