Mesh laundry bags are one of those invaluable laundry gadgets that you may or may not have ever used. If you haven’t ever used one, you are seriously missing out and that stops today! 

Some ideas are just so brilliant that when you come across them, you literally smack yourself in the forehead because you’ve never thought of it before. For me, one of those is the number of ways you can use mesh laundry bags. 

I first stumbled across the dishwasher tip (brilliant!) and then the sock tip… and before you know it, we have a whole collection of ways to use them. Mesh bags aren’t just for college kids anymore!

What Are Mesh Laundry Bags?

Mesh bags are inexpensive little bags that many people use to put their undergarments in when washing them to prevent them from snagging, twisting, or becoming misshapen.

Tips For Buying and Using Mesh Laundry Bags

  • You can generally find two different styles of laundry bags: zippered and drawstring. Only buy the zippered type because the drawstrings can become frayed and tangled around other clothes.
  • Avoid overfilling your bag. The items inside won’t get clean unless they can move around within the bag.
  • Buy multiples in different sizes. You want to use a size that’s appropriate for the items that you are washing. Also, as you expand the ways you use these handy dandy items, you’ll find that you need different sizes and will likely use several at the same time for different jobs.

15 Genius Ways to Use Mesh Laundry Bags

Even if you have used mesh bags before, I’m willing to gamble that you don’t know all these different tricks and ways that you can use them. Grab these tips to make your housekeeping tasks easier.

Store Onions and Potatoes in Laundry Bags | JewelPie

Onions and potatoes should ideally be stored in a dry, dark and well-ventilated area. Store onions and potatoes in an over-the-door laundry bag in your pantry. They will stay fresh longer and you’ll be able to see through the bag to tell when you’re low on supplies.

food storage 5

Keep Sand Out of Toys | Childhood 101

There’s no better way to transport toys to and from the beach. A mesh laundry bag allows the sand to filter out so it doesn’t get in your vehicle or your house. Win! This tip also works for taking toys to the local park. 

mesh laundry bag 1

Carry Bigger Items in a Mesh Laundry Hamper | The Idea Room

Here’s the same concept using an expandable mesh hamper instead. You might want to go this route if you have larger sand toys that you need to carry around such as buckets or sifters. Items that won’t fit into a standard mesh laundry bag will fit in a mesh laundry hamper. 

Catch our other beach hacks before hitting the sand!

mesh laundry bag 8

Never Lose Socks Again | The Krazy Coupon Lady

Wash socks in a mesh laundry bag to keep them separate from the other things you’re washing. It’ll be so much easier to match them up when you’re done and you’ll never lose socks again.

mesh laundry bag 3

Better Hanging Fruit Basket | The Boat Galley

Make a better hanging fruit basket with colanders and a large mesh laundry bag to keep the bugs at bay.

mesh laundry bag 4

Clean Legos Easily | Life as Mama

Have you ever thought about all the germs on your kids’ Legos? How often do you clean them (Confession from me: almost never.)? Put all those little pieces in a laundry bag, and run them through a gentle cycle.

If you’re afraid the washer will be too rough on them, run them through the dishwasher instead.

mesh laundry bag 5

Store Bathroom Toys | Two Twenty-one

Add one to the bathroom to store your kids’ bath toys when they’re not in use. They’ll drip dry, so you won’t have to worry about icky mold. Grab even more helpful bath toy storage ideas!

mesh laundry bag 6

Dry Dishes When Camping | Starling Travel

Hang dishes out to dry while you’re camping. Genius! You won’t have to clutter up table space with drying dishes or spending relaxing (or hiking or fishing) time hand-drying dishes.

mesh laundry bag 7

Dry Herbs | The Grow Network

Dry herbs the easy way! Just install plant hooks outdoors, put your herbs inside the mesh hampers, and hang them up. 

If you live in a windy area, loop the handles around the hooks a couple of times to make sure they’re really secure. 

mesh laundry bag 9

Pool Toy Storage | Mama to 5 Blessings

What do you do with all those pool toys when they’re not in use? Wrangle them in a mesh bag so they can dry, of course! Does this one remind you of the bathtub storage idea? It should! It’s the same concept and makes it easy to grab those pool toys and go when it’s time to swim.

mesh laundry bag 10

Keep Puzzles With Their Pieces | Average Inspired

Keep puzzles and all their pieces together in small mesh laundry bags. This tip is perfect for those heavy-duty wooden puzzles that you want to pass down from child to child.

mesh laundry bag 11

Dishwashing Aid | Real Simple

Use a mesh laundry bag as a dishwashing aid. Put lids, baby pacifiers, fruit strainers, bottle pieces, and any other odds and ends in there to keep them in one easy-to-find place.

mesh laundry bag 12

Sports Equipment Bag | Momtastic

Use one as an activity bag for sports equipment. All sports stuff gets super sweaty and super dirty. I’m talking sweaty gym clothes, cleats, uniforms, you name it. You definitely want to let it air out until you get time to wash it, and a mesh bag does that job perfectly!

mesh laundry bag 13

Wash Stuffed Animals | Mama’s Laundry Talk

Have you ever thought about all the germs on your kids’ stuffed animals? Stomach bugs, lice, snotty noses and more all live on stuffed animals. From time to time, those beloved stuffed animals just need a good washing.

After checking them to make sure pieces are securely attached, throw them into a large mesh laundry bag before putting them in the washing machine.

use mesh laundry bag to wash stuffed animals

Shoe Net | Glamumous

Although there are shoe nets designed for this purpose, you can always make a DIY shoe net out of a mesh bag and some string or tape. Attach it to the inside of your dryer door to dry those sports shoes without listening to them banging around.

I hope these tips will help you get clean and organized!

mesh laundry bag 15

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