Do you love to camp? Whether you like to camp in super cold weather or just on a friends floor we have found the best sleeping bags for camping – for you!

We are all about making life easier, so when it comes to camping we wanted to make sure we found a variety of best sleeping bags to narrow down your search.

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Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

We are all about making life easier, so when it comes to camping we wanted to make sure we found a variety of best sleeping bags to narrow down your search.

Lightweight Sleeping Bags

1. Small and Mighty Sleeping Bag

If you want lightweight and extremely portable this EEOPRO sleeping bag is perfect! Great for hiking and camping in warm weather. Perfect when you are hiking into a campground and don’t have a lot of space for a bulky sleeping bag. This is good for +50 degrees F.

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2. Light Weight Mummy Bag

This Teton sleeping bag is also light weight. This bag is great because it has a mummy head that you can pull tight around your head. It is good to +20 degrees F.

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3. Doubly Mummy Sleeping Bag

This Winterial Double Mummy sleeping bag is great for hiking into a campsite for two! Save effort by carrying one sleeping bag instead of two and free up some room in one of your backpacks! This bag is good to +20 degrees F.

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4. Packing the Right Stuff

The worst thing is forgetting something.  Promise.  Been there.  Done that. One trip we literally forgot the toilet paper!! Never again!  The $7 spent on the Camping planner is well worth it!!  Your sanity is worth it!!

Heavy Duty Sleeping Bags

5. Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

The McKinley sleeping bag is good for the colder weather, it is good to 0 degrees F. This has a hood to keep your head toasty warm in the cold weather too.

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6. Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

The Emarth Extreme Cold Weather is great for extreme cold situations. It is good to -22 degrees F. This is for the serious camper who is going to be in seriously cold weather.

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Convenient Sleeping Bag

7. Blanket Bag

The Coleman Stratus sleeping bag is unlike most sleeping bags. It is more of a blanket that you can unzip and wear around the campfire or while you are sitting out watching the stars. This is more of a beach weather sleeping bag that isn’t meant for any sort of cold at all.

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8. Sleeping Bag with Carrying Bag

The ECOOPRO sleeping bag is great because unlike most bags it comes with a handy carrying bag. It might not be any more convenient than a stuff sack but it looks better which is sometimes important!

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9. Pair these Sleeping Bags

This Outdoor Vitals mummy bag is great because you never know when you will need to buddy up! This one is great because you can use it solo but unlike most mummy bags you can also pair up with another one.

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Kids Sleeping Bags

10. Cute & Practical Sleeping Bag for Kids

This Kelty sleeping bag is so cute and it is great for the kid who is a camping enthusiast.

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11. Sleeping Bag with Ears

The kids will love this Chinook Cubs sleeping bag! The adorable ears are so fun and will keep kids warm and cozy when camping.

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12. Star Wars Sleeping Bag

A Star Wars sleeping bag is a definite must for those sleepover age kids.

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13. Frozen Sleeping Bag

This Frozen sleeping bag is another sleepover worthy bag, and this one comes with a backpack which is super fun and also perfect for sleepovers!

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14. Character Sleeping Bags

These Children’s Sleeping Bags are perfect for the tiniest tots. These would be great for taking to daycare or grandmas where you need a soft blanket to throw on the floor for nap time.

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What is your favorite sleeping bag?

Best Sleeping Bags for camping

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