Whether you’re a crafter yourself or you have kids who love to craft, you probably have a plethora of craft supplies. How do you keep it all organized? We’ve put together more than 20 crafty tips to keep all of your supplies wrangled and easily accessible.

22 Crafty Ways to Organize Your Craft Supplies

1. Use a paper towel holder to wrangle your ribbons.

craft supplies organization 1

via HGTV

2. Use a cup rack to store your markers, pencils and pens.

craft supplies organization 2

via My C.A.S.E. Studies

3. A jar storage board is a great idea if you want to clear off your working space.

craft supplies organization 9

via Lil’ Luna

4. Store pens in a photo storage container like this one, which has lots of smaller containers inside.


via Run to Radiance

5. An aluminum foil dispenser makes a wonderful washi tape dispenser, too. {See more aluminum foil hacks!}

craft supplies organization 3

via Teach Me Mommy

6. For another cheap and easy solution, try a clothes hanger.

craft supplies organization 11

via Silly Old Suitcase

7. Or hang all your pretty washi tapes on a shutter. Isn’t it lovely?

craft supplies organization 7

via Crafting in the Rain

8. A spool holder works great, too!

craft supplies organization 14

via A Night Owl

9. Use a mug tree to hold your scissors and other cutting tools.

craft supplies organization 4

via Sew Many Ways

10. Make a peg board box for storage both on the inside and outside. Now that’s clever!

craft supplies organization 5

via Thistlewood Farms

11. A framed thread holder is not only practical, it’s beautiful, too!

craft supplies organization 6

via Grey Luster Girl

12. A frame, some dowels and your twine make a beautiful display. It’s easier to unravel this way, too!

craft supplies organization 8

via Damask Love

13. Convert some old candle holders to twine holders. They’ll look gorgeous in your craft room.

craft supplies organization 12

via Just Something I Made

14. Or how about a sugar dispenser? Sweet!

craft supplies organization 15

via Whisker Graphics

15. Put your yarn in some old coffee cans. You can even make a set of cubbies by attaching them together.

craft supplies organization 10

via Do Stuff! Leethal Blog

16. Three-tiered craft storage lets you see all of your materials at a glance.

craft supplies organization 13

via Mish Mash

17. Put together a frame, scrapbook paper and some small containers for a kid-friendly craft supplies organizer.

craft supplies organizer 16

via Craftionary

18. Tired of searching through piles of fabric? Make a material hanger out of cooling racks and a clothes hanger.

craft supplies organization 17

via Love 2 Dream

19. This post on craft hacks for kids offers some smart tips for storing the kids’ craft supplies.

craft supplies organization 22

via Kids Activities Blog

20. You can also wrap fabric around cardboard, and store it in a container.

craft supplies organization 20

via Girl Inspired

21. While you’re quilting, sort your pieces out on baking sheets and stack them. You’ll always stay organized!

craft supplies organization 18

via Moda Bake Shop

22. You know those soap boxes you can get in the travel toiletries section? They’re ideal for storing kids’ crayons, cards, beads and all sorts of small materials.

craft supplies organization 19

via Shady Tree Diary

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