It’s cold and flu season and my husband gave our kiddo, his cold. Not his fault, he insisted it was “just allergies” the day before. Long story short, we now have a miserable, snuffly child and I have a seriously long day ahead of me trying to keep him content. If any of this sounds familiar, read on because I’m gonna give you a few tips on how to survive your child’s cold and get your little ones feeling better fast.


Thanks to Maty’s Healthy Products.  As a family with allergies to many chemicals, I am *thrilled* to have found a safe, natural and healthful replacements for staples in our medicine cabinet. Maty’s sent us their Petroleum-Free, Paraben-free Vapor Rub. It smells amazing! No metalic chemical scent at all! Loads better than the previous brand we had used! And their all-natural cough syrup – which has no side effects or drug interactions!


Children’s Cold Survival Must-haves

  • First off, give your immune system a boost with extra antioxidants and Vitamin C. All Natural Cough Syrup from Maty’s Healthy Products comes with antioxidant-rich honey as well as ten other immune boosting ingredients to help nourish your kids. Safe enough for one-year-olds and older!
  • Power-pack your calories. Often when we are sick, we either don’t want to eat, or we eat all the wrong things. Try whipping up a batch or two of morning smoothies. These soothing and nutritious foods to help you get better.
  • Stock up on soft tissues. There is nothing worse than wiping your nose with a tissue that has the texture of sandpaper!
  • Be sure to breathe! Maty’s All-Natural Petroleum-Free Vapor rub is safe and gentle enough for 2-year-olds and powerful enough for grandpas! It gently relieves cough and congestion.
  • Make life a little bit easier on yourself by having easy breakfast options available to you and your family.
  • Baby saline drops are a life saver! No, your little one will not enjoy it, BUT it does help to clear out all that nasty gunk clogging up their little nose.
  • Now, I am not a huge fan of using Netflix as a babysitter, but I will say when you have a sick little one, it is definitely something worth taking advantage of. Sometimes, you just gotta do what works especially when you have more than one kiddo to care for.
  • Spill-proof sippy cups. I don’t care if you’re one or twenty-one, spill-proof cups are AWESOME when you’re sick and wrapped up in blankets on the couch.

matys sick kid

*And now she is asking for the rub even though she is well! It smells so good!*

I hope this list helps you on your way to aiding your little one in recovering from the sniffles. Stay warm and stay well! Our little girl is already better!

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