These make-ahead breakfast ideas will help you start even the most rushed day with a healthy meal. Breakfast is knowns as the most important meal of the day, since it restarts your metabolism, and fuels you. These menu suggestions can be prepared in advance, and will save you critical time during the most frenzied mornings. You’ll love that they are quick, easy, and hearty enough to keep you and your family full until lunch! 

Make ahead breakfasts - collage featuring frozen fruity yogurt bites, honey vanilla parfaits, and baked oatmeal with strawberries and bananas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet so often, we just don’t have time for it (anyone else sleep in as late as possible?).

These great make-ahead breakfasts solve that problem, since they’re so easy to throw together for you and the kiddo–even on the busiest of mornings

Easy Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

I don’t know about you, but I am not very bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the mornings (especially before the sun rises!). I barely have enough time to brush my hair in the morning, forget about standing at the stove and cooking!

That’s why I needed to come up with amazing, quick meal ideas that I could make ahead of time. The list I discovered was so good that I had to share it with you, too! These tips help you make breakfast speedy and reduce time by helping you:

  • Prepare breakfast in advance to save precious time in the morning.
  • Create customizable breakfasts your whole family will love.
  • Come up with ideas for how to modify most of these meal suggestions.
  • Fill your freezer full of make-ahead meals that you can quickly heat up during the chaotic morning rush.

Use these make-ahead breakfast ideas to help you feed yourself and the kids faster throughout the week and eliminate nearly all prep and clean-up time. There may be nothing more satisfying during a rushed morning than being able to grab a delicious, nutritious meal you made in advance! Bonus points if it can be reheated for a simple hot breakfast! 

1. Peach French Toast Casserole | FoodnService

Who doesn’t love the fresh aroma of fresh cooked peaches mixed with French toast? This Peach French toast casserole recipe will be a hit! You can make it ahead of time, and then cook the next day. This is great for the holidays or your next brunch gathering over mimosas. Your friends and family will love the flavors!

super easy make ahead breakfast peach french toast casserole

2. Make-Ahead Zucchini Bread | Simple Bites

The most versatile zucchini bread recipe, ever! Buttermilk and full-fat yogurt help to make this the richest, fluffiest zucchini bread. Best of all, this recipe can be adapted into many other shapes including cupcakes, mini-loafs, or muffins. It also freezes well, so you can make it in advance and defrost the night before for a wonderful treat the next day. This is sure to become a breakfast favorite in your home! 

Loaf of zucchini bread on cooling rack

3. The Best Homemade Granola Bars |Glue Sticks & Gumdrops

Homemade granola bars with M&Ms and raisins? Forgeddaboutit. Homemade granola bars are always a hit with the kids! This recipe is infinitely adaptable by substituting tasty ingredients. You can switch chocolate chips for M&Ms, or add your family’s favorite dried fruit. These work just as well for an after-school snack as they do for a grab-and-go breakfast.

Plate of homemade granola bars

4. Frozen Fruity Yogurt Bites | Eats Amazing

Create your own frozen yogurt and fruit discs for a quick and healthy on the run meal. They look so colorful and cheerful, and they will brighten even the greyest of mornings! Like the homemade granola bars, this make-ahead recipe also works well for a healthy after-school (or anytime!) snack.

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Frozen fruity yogurt bites on blue plate

5. Freezer-Friendly Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches | Damn Delicious

Here is one of the quickest hot-meal-on-the-run breakfast ideas. Once made up and frozen, these egg sandwiches can be heated and ready to eat in as little as 2 minutes. Since you assemble them in advance, these are a perfect school-day breakfast solution for busy families! This delicious sandwiches elevates “fast food” to a whole new level–while keeping it healthier and cheaper than actual fast food!

Tray with breakfast sandwiches made with English muffins, cheese, egg, and ham

6. Healthy Homemade Pop Tarts | The Worktop

Whip up a healthier alternative to the traditional Pop Tart just once, and you’ll never go back to those pre-packaged toaster pastries again! With less sugar, and a healthier white spelt flour crust, this breakfast tart will make both you and your favorite sleepyhead happy.

Plate showing home made pop tarts with candy sprinkle topping

7. Simple Blueberry Cream Cheese Pastries | Just a Taste

These blueberry breakfast pastries are killer, and so much fun to assemble! Beautiful and delicious, these little pastries will be a hit with your whole family every time you make them. Smaller kids will love placing the fresh blueberries onto the triangle of cream cheese before you bake them.

Blueberry and cream-cheese topped pastries drizzled with white glaze

8. Healthy Vegan Breakfast Cookies | Sally’s Baking Addiction

Cookies for breakfast? You bet! Surprisingly healthy (gluten-free, vegan, and low sugar)–and your kids will love the fact they’re getting “cookies” for breakfast! These wholesome cookies are freezer-friendly and very easy to customize. Add dried cranberries, raisins, pecans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chocolate chips–the possibilities are as endless as your imagination! 

Plate with several healthy vegan breakfast cookies with fresh strawberries and banana slices

9. Bacon and Egg Morning Muffins | Creative Juice

Make these bacon and egg muffins ahead of time, and freeze them for a quick and easy school-day breakfast. Savory and nutritious breakfast muffins will remind you of a hearty casserole meal, while giving your family a nice energy boost to start off the day! 

Plate with bacon and egg muffins and strawberries, hand with fork about to take bite, glass of orange juice in background
Bacon and Egg Muffins from Get Creative Juice

10. Easy Oven Egg Sandwiches | Ella Claire Inspired

Let the eggs bake for this mouthwatering breakfast sandwich while you chase the kids around, getting everybody ready to head out the door. So much easier than pan frying, and clean up is a cinch! These can be individually wrapped and frozen for faster serving during the morning mayhem!

Plate with baked egg sandwich and fresh strawberries

11. Overnight Honey Vanilla Parfaits | Mom on Timeout

No time to cook in the morning? Assemble honey vanilla parfaits the night before, and grab them as you run out the door in the morning. This is easily adaptable so it can become everybody’s favorite make-in-advance breakfast just by switching up the fruit layer. A healthy win for any busy parent!

Counter with a clear glass jar full of vanilla parfait made from yogurt and fruit

12. Power-Packed Pancake Roll Ups | Kids Activities Blog

Simple and fun, pancakes roll ups are the perfect weekend treat. Personalize your pancake roll ups by using chocolate, Nutella, or peanut butter for the pancake topping. Satisfying, fun to make, and even more fun to eat, mini-sized pancake bites are sure to become a family favorite!

Plate showing several pancakes rolled around banana slices

13. Time-Saving Crispy Hash Brown Bites | The Spruce Eats

Eggs, potatoes, cheese, and veggies all in little bite-sized “muffins” that you can eat on the run. Fast and delicious = a hit with the kids and hubby. For quickest preparation, use frozen prepared hashbrowns or tater tots. Add bacon, sausage, or ham to get a little more protein. These freeze really well, too!

Counter with a hashbrown bite muffin on it, with cheese and  green vegetable showing

14. Make-Ahead Breakfast Oatmeal Smoothies | The Yummy Life

Oatmeal smoothies are perfect for when you need a grab-and-go meal that will really fill you up. You can choose the options suggested, or create your own creative concoction–the possibilities are infinite! Bright, nourishing smoothies are so easy for on-the-run meals, and they are a great way to increase fruit and vegetable consumption–especially for picky eaters! You know the drill by now, right? Yes, these are freezable, as well! 

Several jars showing different colored oatmeal breakfast smoothies

15. Make-Ahead Breakfast Burrito Bites | Ella Clair Inspired

Fast and delicious burrito cups are a great make-ahead breakfast idea for brunch or a speedy, low mess breakfast. This recipe takes a little prep, with almost no cleanup!

Muffin sheet with several freshly-made breakfast burrito bites in it

16. Oatmeal To-Go Bars | Modern Parents Messy Kids

DIY granola bars are a great snack option! Full of flavor, and without any nasty processed sugars, as an added bonus to being more inexpensive that store-bought. Flax and chia seeds add hidden nutritional value, and the family won’t even suspect a thing! Of course, these bars are freezable for maximum convenience. They are sure to become a new favorite!

Baking dish with oatmeal bars with chocolate chips on parchment paper in dish

17. Baked Oatmeal With Strawberries and Bananas | Inspired Taste

Baked oatmeal is one of my go-to’s for morning entertaining, or a lazy Saturday brunch. Delight your tastebuds with a simple, but indulgent recipe. Oh, did I mention there’s chocolate in it, too?! You can make it in advance, and refrigerate it overnight, so in the morning, you can just pop it into the oven, and fill your home with irresistible smells. Make ahead and freeze for an even easier solution!

Baking dish with a strawberry-banana oatmeal cake-like dish

18. No-Bake Breakfast Balls | Kids Activities Blog

Here’s a fun make-ahead breakfast idea. Yummy granola balls that you and the kiddos can make and stash ahead of time for a quick on-the-go breakfast. With almonds, cashews, and dried fruit, these breakfast balls also power up your family’s energy for the day ahead!

Child's hands holding a blue bowl containing several breakfast balls and fresh grapes

19. Fruity Baked Oatmeal | Made in a Pinch

Since oatmeal is so hearty and versatile, here’s another version of baked oatmeal that’s sure to please.Easy to make, with just a touch of sweetness, and filled with apples, peaches, and blueberries.

Plate with oatmeal bite and fresh blueberries on colorful blanket

20. Delicious Chocolate Banana Bread | Glue Sticks & Gumdrops

Chocolate banana bread can double as your morning meal–or even dessert on busy days. Be creative and add nuts, chocolate chips, or vanilla chips for a wonderful color contrast! This banana bread keeps well in the freezer, and you can freeze it in whole loaves or sliced for individual serving sizes.

Closeup of loaf of sliced chocolate banana bread

21. Make-Ahead Loaded Breakfast Casserole | Tastes Better From Scratch

This super easy casserole can be assembled the night before. In the morning, just toss it in the oven for a filling meal that always hits the spot. It’s super simple to modify this dish by trying different cheeses, or changing up the vegetables! 

White casserole dish containing breakfast casserole made with eggs and red and green vegetables

22. Bacon-Wrapped Cheesy Egg Muffins |

You are not going to want to miss out on these bacon-wrapped muffins. They are super versatile, and can be adapted to whatever you have in your fridge.

The kids love to help with assembling these, too. Be creative! 

Close-up of English muffin topped with cooked scrambled egg mixture with bacon wrapped around it

There you go! Twenty-two enticing breakfast ideas that the entire family will love–and YOU will love even more, when you get back all of that time in the morning!

I hope you found a few recipes in this list that will become new favorites for your family and make your mornings a little easier.

Whether you prefer make-ahead breakfast burritos, make-ahead breakfast casseroles, or something else, this list has you covered. What are you going to prepare next for breakfast?

21 Make ahead breakfast ideas graphic showing smoothie, homemade pop tarts, and egg burrito cups

Easy Breakfast Recipes:

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  1. I LOVE that these make ahead breakfast ideas are simple enough to just reheat on busy mornings–makes it so much easier to start the day with a healthy meal!

  2. Peach French Toast Casserole is a brunch masterpiece! Sweet peaches and fluffy French toast come together in a delightful union. A scrumptious way to start your day!

    1. TOTALLY agree with you, Maddox! The Peach French Toast Casserole is dangerously good, haha! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I love the idea of a make ahead breakfast casserole – especially for the night before days like Thanskgiving or Christmas. It helps to have it already taken care of! Thanks for the ideas.

  4. Wow! These are great! I drink a protein smoothie every day just because it’s easy but these make-ahead breakfast ideas may just change that!

  5. One of my goals this school year is to make sure that my high schooler has breakfast before we head out in the morning. These make ahead breakfast ideas have been a lifesaver and really helped us stick to that goal!

  6. Peach French Toast Casserole is a delightful brunch surprise! Sweet peaches and decadent French toast unite for a flavorful, satisfying morning treat. Perfect for gatherings!

  7. My favorite sanity saving trick for the kitchen is make ahead meals, and this list of make ahead breakfast recipes is brilliant! Thank you so much.

  8. Planning ahead with make ahead breakfast recipes makes it SO much easier to stick to a food plan, ditch takeout and coffee runs, and save money!

  9. I like the make ahead breakfast ideas. I need more in my rotation. They are especially nice when we have family in from out of town. I feel like I spend too much time in the kitchen rather than visiting.

  10. I love when I can find a good make ahead breakfast recipe because our mornings are so busy! I saved these for our next sleepover (and sent some to my sister-in-law for our next trip.)

  11. Peach French Toast Casserole is a delightful breakfast, marrying fluffy bread, sweet peaches, and warm spices for a morning treat.

  12. You’re a lifesaver! These make-ahead breakfast ideas are perfect for our hectic mornings. Now, I can actually enjoy my coffee before the morning chaos begins. โ˜•๐Ÿฅž๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ

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  13. Love the look of these recipes however every time I click on one to actually read the recipe I get redirected to another thing altogether.
    Not very impressed at all.
    Shame, I really wanted to make some of your recipes.

    1. I’m sorry about that, Ann-Marie! I just tried clicking on the recipes and it worked for me. Are there any that you are looking for in particular, so that I can try and help?