Looking for a frugal gift idea? Want to spruce up your kitchen or mantle for the winter season? We have a super simple, super cute snowman craft for you! With a bit of paint and some unfinished wooden spoons, you can create these adorable primitive style wooden spoon snowmen for just a few dollars.

Easy Primitive Style Snowmen - A fun wooden spoon craft that's perfect for your mantle or kitchen. Makes a great gift, too!

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How to Make a Snowman Spoon

Materials Needed:

snowmen process 1


In the small bowl,  mix together a quarter sized squirt of white paint with the 2 teaspoons of water. You can use the paint sponge to mix. Paint should be runny.

snowmen process 2 700 366

Lay out the towel or wax paper to protect the surface you are using. The paint washes off easily, but avoiding the mess is always great!

Use the paint sponge to brush on the white paint. Brush one full coat , then wipe the excess with a paper towel. Do this another time. Since the spoons are unfinished and the paint has been thinned out, it will soak right up. Each spoon should receive 3 coats and be wiped with the paper towel between coats.

smowmen process 3 700 366

Decorate Wooden Spoons

Allow the spoons to dry completely.

Use a very fine tip paint brush to dot on the snowman eyes and mouth using brown paint.

Using the orange paint and just one swift brush stroke , create the nose!

Cut your ribbon to size, about 4-5 inches and tie it around the handle of each spoon.

snowmen final 700 366

For a more primitive look,  try adding a light brush of yellow or turquoise paint to the defined edges of the spoons. Wipe the paint off with a paper towel until it is faded. This will create an aged look, just like the spoon below with the yellow hue.

Display idea– Pop the spoons into a mason jar , embellish as you wish! Makes a great gift.

These snowman wooden spoons make a cute and frugal diy gift idea!Snowman wooden spoon craft

Learn more about this paint technique here How To White Wash Wood For A Vintage Rustic Design

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