Want to deliver some amazing cookies to a neighbor or friend? Learn how to fold a cookie basket! This trick will work in a pinch anytime you want to gift cookies, especially if you forgot to pick up a pretty platter or cookie tin.

Gift Idea: How to Fold a Cookie Basket

How to Fold a Cookie Basket

One of my favorite ways to connect with my kids is in the kitchen. We love to bake together, and we love sharing our treats with our friends and neighbors. Cook with your kids; you’ll be glad you did.

These cookie baskets are a nice way to tell a friend “I went the extra mile for you.”

Sure, you could throw the cookies in a Ziploc bag, or deliver them on a little plate. But these cookie baskets are simple to make, and upgrade your cookie game–big time!

Cut. Fold. Tape. Fill with your favorite cookies. It really is that easy!

Here’s what you do:

Start by making two short cuts in the middle of the plate, about 3 inches apart. Mimic these same cuts on the plate on the side across. Tip: do not cut in too far—no further than where you would actually put food on the plate. You now have four flaps.

How to Fold a Cookie Basket for Gift Giving

Next, fold each of the four flaps in towards the middle of the plate. Tip: Only fold as far in as the cuts that you made in the first stop.

Fold one of the smaller flaps up. Carefully fold the two longer flaps around the shorter flap and tape them all together. Repeat on the other side. Tip: Depending on the thickness of your plate, you made need to use several pieces of tape. A few quick staples would work too.

You can dress up your cookie basket with twine, ribbon and personalized tags. The possibilities are endless.

Finally, deliver a basket full of delicious cookies to your new neighbor and send one to school for your child’s teacher. And since these are such a cinch to make, don’t forget to keep one for yourself!

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