It was a sad day at our house a week or so ago! We dropped our beloved french press and it shattered! I had had that french press since my college days and to say I missed the taste of french brewed coffee was an understatement.

I was *thrilled* to be asked to review not one, but TWO french presses just a couple of days after my disaster – 1 Large Glass French Press & a Stainless Steel Insulated French Press – I will never be without a french press again!

Note: While I am being compensated for this post, I purchased these two pots with my own money the company X-Chef did not send them to me  AND I put affiliate links in this post to make shopping easier for you. I want you all to know these are 100% my honest opinions.

french press wide

eview of Two Different French Presses:

The problems I wanted a French Press to solve:

1) I drink more than one cup of coffee a morning – as does my hubs – we wanted something that we wouldn’t have to refill multiple times a morning.

2) We like our coffee to be nice and hot, even long after we finished brewing it!

3) We like a really dark coffee, but detest grounds in the dregs.

4) I want something durable, something that I can both wash in the dishwasher if need be, as well as survive being dropped on tile floor.

Each of these coffee presses solved these “wish list” requirements, in different ways.

french press 7 sq

The Comparision Results:

Both of these coffee pots held about 4 mugs of coffee in them, each! This means that Hubs and I both can get refills!!

Both are Dishwasher safe according to the comments and answered questions on the listing – and I tested it with a wash. It’s kinda a biggie… cause we all know I will leave the grounds in there far too long, some time. BUT… I really think that a swish with vinegar and a hot rinse will be all these would typically need to keep clean.

Both have very sturdy strainer devices. This is a must for us. We love our coffee dark, and having a thick sturdy strainer means we can have far more grounds than normal people have to brew our cups of Joe.

french press 4

Perks of the X-Chef Glass French Press:

You can see the brew. This means you will steep the grounds for the perfect length of time. No more accidentally drinking too weak coffee!

Perks of the Insulated Stainless Steel French Press:

Insulated! Really! Your coffee will stay warm for hours with this press!

french press 3

We have a winner!! For now, the insulated pot wins out as my favorite! Spring the extra cash and try it out for yourself!

AND… just for you, we have a specail coupon code! You can get 30% off either of the products – just use these codes when you check out in Amazon:

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