Have you ever put your foundation on, looked in the mirror, and thought, “I’m looking good!” Then the next thing you know it’s time to run to the grocery store, drop off some dry cleaning, do some laundry. Lo and behold when you check our reflection, you realize you failed to avoid your makeup morphing into a cakey mess.

Yes, we have all been there. It’s beyond frustrating when you start the day with your makeup looking flawless and perfect. Then halfway through your day, you find yourself thinking…

But my face looked so great this morning. So what gives? Yes, your face seems to have turned into a pancake and now your foundation looks all blotchy and cakey.

Trying to fix your cakey makeup problems

  • You stop using your fingers and switch to using a brush or sponge.
  • Swapping to that brand your sister uses because it works so well for her.
  • Trying the most expensive brand you can afford, but still, nothing changes.

Unfortunately, your foundation is still not giving you that flawless and fabulous smooth skin it promised. The results are still the same and your makeup is still a cakey mess.  You feel like screaming at your skin for failing to look as flawless as Beyonce’s. Your skin isn’t even on the same level as any of the Kardashians. Even worse, it is not remotely resembling your favorite anti-aging, perfect skin, insta-filter. That one you love to use when you can’t even be bothered wearing foundation.

So what now?

Here’s how to avoid cakey makeup so you can feel better after a long day.

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Give Your Makeup Staying Power and Avoid Cakey Foundation

Even though the cause of your cakey makeup may be your foundation. This issue could be due to how you are prepping and applying your foundation.

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But don’t worry, we have some ways to fix all your foundation problems. So here are some things you should incorporate into your beauty routine. These fabulous tips will ensure you have a lasting and beautiful foundation, throughout the entire day. No matter what life throws at you!

cakey foundation - How To Avoid Cakey Foundation
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How to have great looking skin – with the help of foundation

The first step to making sure you always have flawless-looking smooth skin is always your skincare routine.

So if this is making you nervous because all you do is a slap on some supermarket brand cheap moisturizer once in a blue moon. Do not worry. We have some easy tips to incorporate into your skincare game to help make sure your foundation is always looking smooth and flawless.

  1. Exfoliate. A lot of women ask me why their foundation just seems to “sit” on top of their skin—which causes separation, smudging, and blotching. One explanation is your skin is not exfoliated enough. If you have a face full of dead skin, it makes it impossible for your foundation to absorb properly. A lot of people say to exfoliate only once a week, while others say multiple times a week.

Either way, you must implement a regular exfoliation routine into your skincare routine. Two to four times a week will ensure your skin is dead skin free ensuring you have a glowing, smooth, and fresh base to apply your foundation. Remember how you prepare your skin is essential in making sure your foundation has a smooth base to attach itself to.

How to Avoid Cakey Foundation
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Avoid Blotchy Foundation

1. Moisturize. A key factor for good skin is hydration. If your skin isn’t hydrated, it will look dry and you will experience blotchy looking foundation.  When your skin lacks hydration, it can also start to look aged. So make sure to moisturize every morning and evening to avoid this. Remember to drink plenty of water so your skin is also being hydrated both from the inside.

2. Prime. If you notice your foundation is not staying in place throughout the day or is looking a little dull. You may need to invest in a primer. Prepping your skin before you apply foundation is just as essential as your daily skincare routine. This will create a smooth surface for an easier foundation application and keep your makeup in place by clinging to the primer.

  • Mix your Primers. For flawless looking smooth skin we suggest mixing a combo of primers that address all your skincare needs, If you use a hydrating primer, an oil-free primer, with a pore reducing/refining one and add an eye shadow primer to any problem areas such as an oily nose as well as any areas you may have to crease such as in between your eyebrows, smile lines, etc. Eye shadow primer is thicker and will help disguise and fix any problem areas before you apply your foundation.
  • Use fine translucent powder. Always remember to set it with a fine translucent powder so it is a sealed base before you apply your foundation. Another beauty tip is to apply a little eye gel under your eyes. This area is thinner and can be more prone to creasing, fine lines, and even dark circles. Adding some gel will ensure this area receives an extra dash of moisture during your skin prep. These tips will keep your skin looking smooth all day as your foundation won’t be sliding off your face due to humidity or heat.

3. Choose a high-quality product. Check out the image below. High-quality products tend to use better ingredients, they also often add essential skincare additions like moisturizing, plumping, and even collagen. You can see how the quality of the foundation is very important. Just like some of the foundations are clumping in the water, they can also clump on your skin. Use the good stuff. But what exactly is a good foundation? Here’re some tips that will save you some cash.

4. A high-quality foundation doesn’t have to be the most expensive foundation, in fact, plenty of drugstore brand foundations contain exactly the things we are suggesting. A decent foundation tends to promise lasting power. We recommend always choosing a mattifying foundation that has been created to last 24 hours. This ensures a smooth, nonshiny finish that will leave your skin looking flawless. Remember to avoid dewy foundations as they are prone to caking and also can end up not staying put as long, especially when the weather is hotter as they will often slide off your face.

Avoid Cakey Makeup

5. Build your coverage. If you want flawless-looking skin you need to make sure to layer and build your foundation instead of just caking it on all at once. First, apply your foundation to any problem areas that you should have already primed with an eye shadow primer. Use a damp beauty blender or a foundation stippling brush to apply your foundation evenly to these areas.  Then start with your forehead and blend out before moving down your face. Remember to pay attention to your chin as often you may need a little more foundation so you can blend it out evenly with your jawline.

Leave a few minutes in between applications to let the foundation absorb into your skin. Be sure to use a quality brand of foundation,         we suggest a mattifying one or one that is able to be absorbed by your skin! Once you are happy remember to add concealer, if this step is confusing it is because concealer works much better when your foundation has been applied and you can see the problem prob areas you still need to address.

We recommend applying concealer with a wet sponge instead of a brush, so it will then just melt into your smooth, foundation flawless, skin.

6. Use a setting powder. If you want lasting power then do not forget this final step. A good setting powder will set your foundation and ensure it remains in place throughout the entire day. It will stop your face from ending up shiny and give it staying powder

Translucent powders will ensure your skin remains smooth and doesn’t cake. The best application is to dab it with a powder puff so you can ensure the best coverage and apply it evenly to all areas, I would be lost without my pressed powder. Not only does it keep away shine, it helps my foundation set and stay put.

7. Take care of your skin. You can do everything within your power to make your foundation look flawless, but unless you are taking care of your skin not much is going to help. Learn how to take care of your skin with these 10 simple tricks that completely changed my skin.

Good skin is essential to helping you feel confident and ready for whatever the day throws at you.No matter where we are in life or how old we get, we all want to have a flawless look (or at least look like we belong in the land of the living).

But who wants to go through life constantly doing touch-ups? If you incorporate a regular skincare routine into your life and follow these skin prepping tips before you apply your foundation you’ll never need to worry about cakey makeup again.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you apply makeup and spend the time you would have used for touch-ups doing what you really love.

If you liked the ideas we gave you about avoiding blotchy foundation? We have even more beauty tips for you:

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