You won’t want to miss out on these fun backyard games! Get outside and enjoy the warmer weather!

Hard to believe that Memorial Day weekend is quickly approaching! Where has the first part of the year gone? We’ve been through winter, started Spring, and now are approaching the much-anticipated month of May. Bring on the sunshine, the warm rays from the sun and the official start of summer. Along with the anticipated beautiful May weather, it also means a TON more outdoor time, which is what we’ve all been waiting for since winter started, right? And with Memorial Day being at the end of May, what better way to spend outdoor time together as a family than with some fun backyard games that everyone can enjoy!

If you're looking for some fun backyard games the entire family can play, you don't want to miss out on these! Perfect for all ages! #outdoorgames #summer #onecrazyhouse #outside

Super Fun Backyard Games For the Entire Family

  • Washers. If you’ve never played washers, you are missing out. It’s not a game for the faint of heart, trust me. It takes skill, patience, and the ability to put up with some major smack-talking from the opposing team. The beauty of the game? It’s literally two boxes, spread out within throwing distance from one another, and a couples sets of washers. I’ve played all different types of washers from the homemade version to the expensive type that can be purchased at the store…and let me be honest with you. I don’t remember which set was actually better at all because all I actually remember is the fun that I had with my family members while we were trying to battle each other for the “Winning Washer” title. It’s games like these that memories are made of.
  • Hulahoop Contest. Your children didn’t know you growing up to see your hula-hooping skills, but if you can still move those hips, challenge them! And get that camera ready! Their faces will be priceless once you show-off those skills, and who knows, you may just walk away the champ.
  • Water balloon Toss. Choose your partner wisely with this fun backyard game. You need to find a partner with gentle hands and a good aim if you plan to stay dry. But…in all reality, if it’s super hot and you’re looking for an easy way to cool off, a few popped water balloons never hurt anyone, right? Start simple with an easy toss to your partner. After each person completes, each partner needs to take a step further from each other and toss and catch again. Repeat each and every time it’s caught, without busting that water balloon. Seems simple in the beginning, but it gets harder. Those water balloons are tricky like that! Gentle hands are key to outlasting everyone else in your family!
  • Flag Football. Who can deny this classic family-friendly game? It’s full of excitement, strategy, exercise and the great outdoors. Divvy up the teams accordingly and form that huddle!

Don’t miss out on this outdoor fun!

  • 3-Legged Race. Talk about a game that requires that up-close-and-personal much-needed family time. Tie those legs together and race for the win! Little tip? Talk to your partner about your strategy beforehand. Synching your steps is super helpful when it comes to being able to work together efficiently. (Sshhh! Don’t tell your competitors that little tip!)
  • Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest. Don’t judge before you try this gem! It takes some serious skill to be able to spit those seeds. If you’re already enjoying some nice, cool watermelon this Memorial Day, why not see how far you can send those seeds flying with a little oomph from your mouth. The first person to make the seed into the cup wins!
  • Tag. Talk about a true classic. The best part of playing games together as a family? You don’t necessarily have to have anything, but your family. Doesn’t that thought just bring a smile to your face instantly? If you’re looking for some outdoor family fun, don’t overcomplicate it. Keep it simple with a classic game of tag. Literally, any age can play and it’s fun to run around with each other as well!
  • Hide and Seek. Everyone loves a game of hide and seek. Even adults can get in on the fun! Get ready to run and hide in…may the fastest and quietest win!


Discovering fun backyard games that your family can play together is simple! If you have props, use them and if you don’t, make up something as you go. The point isn’t actually about the game, but more about being together. The memories that you make when playing games together as a family will far outlive anything that you think is important that day. So, have fun together and may the best family member win!

What fun backyard games do you like to play?

If you're looking for some fun backyard games the entire family can play, you don't want to miss out on these! Perfect for all ages! #outdoorgames #summer #onecrazyhouse #outside

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